Monday, May 29, 2017

Family Series #3 - Why Marriage Matters

Introduction:  30 Conclusions from the Social Sciences.  To read this summary, go to:   Why Marriage Matters

Conclusions:  Eph. 5:22-23 - It appears that God knew what He was doing when He created the institution of marriage.

The picture here:  submitting, committing, assisting, caring for one another, attending to one another, developing, building, lifting one another.

There is NO power struggle here!! No attempt to Dominate, manipulate,.  Rather = CO OPERATE!!  Working together.

Question:  IF we have 2 people who - love one another, committed to one another, committed to the marriage, committed to God's will and way, THEN why so much tension?  conflict?  problems?  issues??

Answer:  Review of Buffaloes and Butterflies.  ie:  why your _________ is such a _______.   (husband is such a clod, wife is such a nag)

REASONS:   he/she is:

Human - ie:  seriously flawed  Rom. 3:23

Male/Female - ie:  decidedly different!!! - Gen. 1:27

Ignorant - ie:  unlearned, uneducated, untrained - about this stuff

Forgetful - ie:  'cause this never comes natural!!!

Confused - ie  (just doesn't make sense)

Hurt --- and these hurts are accumulative!!!


Human?  can't remove the flaws.  However, can address them!!  - Rom.6:11-14
(Point here:  primary issues = address your OWN!!)

Male/Female differences?  Recognize the differences are by design.  Gen. 1:27   Adam and Eve had no marital problems BEFORE the fall, because the difference is not the problem.

Ignorance?  can be offset with Education!!  Resources abound!!  Books - CDs, Podcasts, Youtube.
Point here = learn that some of what your spouse CRAVES is legitimate!!  ie:  God-given needs, desires!

Forgetfulness?  Review (to remember)

Confusion?  - accept it!!  Not going away in this life!

Hurts/Pain?  1) establish good will
                    2) adjust your behavior  (determine NOT to hurt!!)
                    3)  Apologize
                    4)  Forgive
                    5)  Start again!!  Example:  church at Ephesus - Rev. 2:5

Back to Eph. 5:21 - "submit to one another"
1)  Co Operate - work together makes job easier

2)  Eph. 5:33 Nurture, feed according to need  (design)

3)  According to THE FAITH  Eph. :21 - "out of reverence" for Christ.

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