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Family Series - #2 - The Demise of Marriage?

Issue WAS divorce - (which peaked in the 80's - now back to 60's level)

Issue NOW - "cohabitation" - (14 times higher than in 1970)
- 25% unmarried adults (25-34 years) living with a partner
- 24% children born to un-married people
- another 20% spend part of childhood in cohabiting situation
Which = 44% of kids spend part of childhood in unmarried household

So --- demise of marriage?  evolution of marriage?
On the surface - yes
at the core - no - not much change in core values

typical cohabiting couple mainly in America:
1)  heterosexual
example:  the Center for Disease Control & Prevention - found that in a 2013 poll, 96.6% = straight
(the % of G, L, T living together???  not known - married  is less than 1/2 of 1% of the adult population

2)  monogamous (ie - 1 man, 1 woman) - regarding polygamy?  on one hand, 16% say "morally acceptable" with other people, however, the % practicing it = tiny fraction, almost nobody.  This even across the world.

3)  exclusive - a) sexually ... contrast open relationships!! -  60's commune situation very short lived.
                      b)  otherwise -  ie:  claim ownership - my fiance, my partner, my boyfriend, girlfriend

4)  share financial burdens

5)  accept, claim, own inlaws

6)  accept responsibility for the children in the home (born, blended)

7)  assume (legal) marriage is in the future


89% of people (worldwide) marry before age 49 - (from 2003)

70% of American Adults - 1) in a marriage or 2) cohabiting or 3) in a committed, long-term, exclusive relationship with a view to eventual marriage

58% of divorced/widowed people re-marry
Americans age 18-34 - only 9% say never been, never want to marry  (some of whom will change mind!!)

Single Americans 18-30 years who want to marry, believe when they do it'll be for life ---- almost 100%.

While waiting longer to marry and living together before marry and never getting legally married, nevertheless, acting as if married, living as married, (adults playing house)

Marriage (at the core) = "a cultural universal"  (ie:  practiced by all people, cultures, societies in all eras!!)  It's NOT going away!!!    WHY??? - Rom. 2:14-15 - written in mankind.

So, on one hand, are many variations worldwide.  However, it remains "Marriage" at it's Core!!
Variations List with marriage as observed in adjectives:
(now) same sex
group marriage (common in the 60s)
marriage of convenience  (green card marriage)

Therefore - the demise and/or evolution of marriage?  not likely!!
The concept, institution, practice - remains, endures

Christian Marriage: - same core with additional elements

#1.  heterosexual - example:  Adam and Eve - ie:  male and female
#2.  monogamous - polygamy recognized, tolerated, but never offered, instructed, condoned - Gen. 2:24, 1 Tim. 3:2
#3.  intimate - more than sexual intimacy - Gen. 2:25 - not ashamed to bare souls
#4.  exclusive - another cultural universal (even in polygamy and polyandry!)  Everywhere there is marriage, there is exclusivity.
#5.  complementary - "add to, fill up" - Gen. 2:18 - "help mate"
         note #1 - modernist objection - says I am complete in myself - don't need someone else
         note #2 - spouse should ADD to, not complete!!
#6. permanent, binding - "til death do us part" - NOT always practice but universally understood!  This is NOT  meaning NO VALID DIVORCE - Jer. 3:6-9
#7.  productive - IF children, then this = environment
                        - IF children, then are to be raised "Christian" - Mal. 2:14-18
Christian marriage is:
#8.  sacred - "holy matrimony" - different than civil. = God's invention, God's institution
Therefore:  embrace His design
                 follow His rules - "The Book"
                 invoke His presence
#9.  a covenant - contract of 3!!
between 2, before God (witness), with God as participant!! - involved
Spiritual marriage ---> Ruth 1:14-17
(Public) oath of commitment necessary?? = John 4:16-18
#10  with Christ at the Core

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