Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Family Series - #1

Start with marriage - go back to basics.
Gen. 2:18, 23-25 - not just naked, but baring of the soul
Gen. 1:27-28
Stable families are necessary to build a stable nation.

#I.  Marriage and family, etc. = God's idea, God's design.  Historians:  "No nation has survived without strong cohesive families"

#II.  Purpose    1)  Companionship - "not good ..... alone" - Adam didn't have a human counterpart
                             should be more than friends.  Should be Best friends!!!
                        2)  Partnership - "helpmate"   "subdue, have dominion, rule over"
                        3)  Courtship - (romance) - Sexual fulfillment, satisfaction
                        4)  Pro-creation (children) - if are children, here's where it happens! - within the confines of the institution of marriage!

This = God's design and purpose
These = things you should be pursuing in your marriage!
By this you should measure your marriage!!!

#III.  God's Plan
1)  Leave = a New Primary Relationship
2) Cleave = active, intentional
3) Become (soul knitting) = God's Work - but Your goal
4)  Remain for life - Matt. 19:3-8  (doesn't mean there's no reason to divorce, BUT on the other hand,
by this your should measure your marriage!!  Whatever situation find self in, God has a plan and will bless from that point on as you try to follow Him.
5)  Rule "subdue, rule over" - on one hand, this is a fallen world so will never fully conquer, however, with a Partnership of 3!!!  Life shouldn't conquer you!!!  Life shouldn't rule you, you should be ruling life!!

Mentioned...... a partnership of 3!! - ie:  Adam, Eve, God
Gen. 3:8 - implies daily interaction, communication, fellowship.  He was there with them.  God cares, wants to be right in the center of life.

Point:  They were not alone!! - without council, advice, protection, assistance.  (journey was new to them, too!  Entering into the unknown!!  But no need to be alone!!)

God wants to be involved in your HOME  (whatever variation that is)

This happens #1. through the person of Jesus Christ
                    #2.  by invitation - you must ask

Why would you not want this?
Why would you not accept this?
Why would you not pursue this?  

John 10:10

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