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Sin = a transgression of divine law(s)

Bible teaches:
1)  divine law(s) exist.
2)  God has revealed (some of) them to us.
3)  to violate (one of_) these laws is SIN.
4)  Sin is detrimental - - harmful, damaging to individuals, to society.   God CAN take bad things and work them for good.  Perfect example:  the Cross

Last week = "the Nature of Sin" - ie:  it's makeup, composition.  the stuff it's made of, what makes sin sin, its components, elements, etc.

Review:  Some of the things sin is:
  #1.  Missing the mark  - Rom. 3:23
 but more   #2.  error/deviation - stepping out, aside, away knowingly
#3.  willful unbelief - not the unbelief that comes from ignorance
#4.  lawlessness - contrary to the law, against, in defiance of the Divine law
#5.  Disobedience, rejection, refusal, rebellion
These found in both Old and New Testaments

!!Strong words!!  Paint an ugly picture of sin!!!  BUT.......... it gets worse!  In order to describe sin more fully, clearly, accurately, the Biblical writers often use Personification of sin.

Personification:  giving human attributes to something non-human.
A literary device used to:
1)  Amplify, enhance, add weight to a description
2)  to engage the imagination to more properly describe the situation.
the wind blew through the pine tops
the wind whispered in the pines (wind can't whisper - that's a human attribute)

the sun shone hot and bright
The sun glared down.

The moonlight reflected off the waves
The moonlight danced on the waves

The storm came on suddenly.
The storm attacked with a great rage.

My old pickup is developing mechanical problems.
My pickup suffers from old age.

In the spring I hear the motorcycles and I want to travel the roads.
In the spring "     "   "         "            and the road calls to me.

So, likewise, the personification of sin in Scripture to show how deceptive and dangerous it is:

Gen. 4:6-7  (unmastered => vs. 8)
John 8:34 - (Jesus) - slave to sin
James 1:13-15 - dragged away, gives birth, conceived

Rom. 7:7-25 - Paul - something powerful and dangerous
"Sin" sprang to life
It deceived me
It seized the opportunity
and produced in me every kind of covetous desire.
and put me to death 

Sin ... is living within me  when I would do good ... sin is right there with me waging war against the law of my mind.... and making me a prisoner, a slave to sin!"

Personification???  Yes!!!
Exaggeration??  NO!! = accurate description of the Nature of Sin!!  ie:  Almost Alive!!

And When it's in partnership with sinful nature, in league with demonic influences, sin becomes powerful, intelligent, intentional, destructive.  A living thing waging war against you and me.

So, what's clear here???
#1.  Sin is a powerful enemy
Also A)  a personal enemy AND
        B)  bigger than you!!
You cannot master this yourself.  It is more than just a benign concept.

#2.  You need a Savior  (a redeemer, deliverer, Messiah)
A)  Someone Bigger than Sin!!  that is, of course, IF you want to be saved!!

#3.  That Savior is to be your new Master - Rom. 6:8-14 - do not let sin permit sin, reign, rule, tell you how to respond.  Sin NEVER has any good intent.

This is Not the end of the battle in this life.  BUT it #1.  is where we Begin, and #2.  where we must Return  (time and again) - "You are my Master"!

Claiming to be a Christian and making Him your Lord is a lot different from REALLY doing and living that!

Closing:  Psm. 67:1-2

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