Monday, February 20, 2017

The Nature of Sin

Sin = a transgression of God's divine law.
(most common definition, fits Christianity, Judaism, Islam)

Question:  Groups without a Sovereign deity?  (Hindu, Buddhist)
Answer = Sin still a violation of a Moral Code - almost universal - even secularists and atheists recognize right and wrong - may not call it "sin".

Biblical View:  1)  divine law(s) exist
                         2)  God has revealed (some of) them to us - through His deeds, prophets, apostles, Jesus Christ, Word.  They are a part of who God is - Eternal, non-changing
                         3)  Obedience to those laws results in good - for individual, nation, for mankind as a whole - (not necessarily immediate results)
                         4)  Violation of those laws is sin - (is harmful, detrimental)

We often downplay the seriousness of sin.  Scripture does NOT!!!!  (the word is used over 1,000 times plus additional words, phrases, descriptions, examples, etc.)  - God doesn't LAUGH at sin!!

Over the next couple weeks = a view of Sin from Scripture

Today:  The Nature of Sin  ie:  sin's character, qualities, description.  Its makeup, composition, essence.
What makes it sin?  What is the stuff sin is made of?

This is a broad subject!  Therefore, we have a simple overview!

#1.  the most common word in New Testament Greek = literally to miss the mark - Rom. 3:23.
We don't live up to God's plan, design for us.
BUT, that only touches the surface.....

#2.  Error, Deviation - stepping out, aside, away.  More than wander, stray = knowingly choose wrong path.
Often translated - "transgress, trespass" - Mark 11:25 - sometimes is just a thought.

#3.  Unbelief - the word for faith in the Greek is pistis.  Many times an "a" was added to the front of a word to mean the exact opposite.  Therefore apistia = un-faith, un belief
The problem = willful ie:  refusal to believe - Heb. 3:16-19 - belief is something we do with head, heart, and hands.

#4.  Refusal
           Rom. 1:18, 21 - refused to acknowledge
           2 Thess. 2:9-10 - refused to love, accept, embrace
           Acts 7:51 - resistance (holding back), refusal, rebellion

#5.  Lawlessness - (again - alpha prefix)
     Nomos = law
     Anomos = no law, without law, against the law!  - in defiance of the law!  Matt. 24:9-12  Matt. 24:12 - NASB

#6.  Disobedience - aKoo'o - to hear  
                             - hupakoo o - to obey (because really hear!!)
 The word for refusal to hear is translated - "disobedience".
Illustrated in:  Matt. 13:14-15 and John 9:41 - may hear the words but don't hear the message.

Point:  sin IS "missing the mark" - but way more.  Often = because we don't want to ht the mark!!  Don't like the rule, standard, law!!

If that = the nature of Sin ... (its makeup, stuff), THEN what are its EFFECTS??  (it's produce, product, outcome, result?)

(Briefly --- from Old Testament word pictures...)

Sin is seen to:
Mark, mar, blemish ---- to deface, to make crooked, to bend, twist, distort, to deform, to pervert, to make unsuitable, unacceptable, unusable.
Example:  Titus 3:10-11
Quick Application:  Gen. 1:27

Point:  Sin is Serious Stuff
On one hand, might laugh, joke in the aftermath of danger.  However, recognize the need serious concentration and effort while dealing with it.

We ought, therefore, to:  1) watch out - (pay attention, be careful, be on guard)
                                      2)  Confess (recognize, admit) - don't try to fool yourself
                                      3)  Embrace the Remedy - ie:  Christ - 1 Pet. 2:24,  2 Cor. 5:21
                                      4)  Take responsibility

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