Monday, March 6, 2017

Sin's Produce

SIN - a transgression of God's Law(s)

Christian View =  A)divine moral laws exist - we just need to discover them.  This = not the prevalent view in today's culture, courts, etc.  Today it is accepted that man makes the laws to suit the times, people, culture we live in.
                           B)  God has revealed (some of) them to us.
                           C)  to violate these laws is SIN
                           D)  Sin is detrimental - is its own punishment.  If God stepped out of the picture for a million or so years, the results of sin would continue the downward path on its own.

The Nature of Sin  (makeup, composition, ingredients, stuff)
On one hand = 1) missing the mark.
However, this is not simply 'making a mistake'.
It = 2) conscious (knowing) error, intentional deviation  (step out, aside, away)
3)   Willful unbelief - choose not to believe
4)  lawlessness - more than breaking the law - standing against, defiance of that law
so ... 5)  disobedience, rejection, refusal, rebellion

ADD:  The Personification of Sin  
Sin is:  Active  "almost alive" - Rom. 10:7
           Aggressive, militant!!!  - 1 Pet. 2:11
           Opportunistic - takes opportunity, advantage of every situation
           Internal - Rom. 7:17
therefore:  Ever-Present - Rom. 7:21

Question:  Why the extensive, ugly picture?
Romans 7:13 (Amplified Version) - "in order that ... sin might be shown clearly to e sin; that the extreme malignity and immeasurable sinfulness of sin might plainly appear."

Obviously, God wants us to see the seriousness of sin!!!

If that = Nature of sin, what = it's PRODUCT!?
(because nature of a thing determines produce, behavior)

#1.  Sin Tempts - calls, beckons, lures, entices
Temptation:  a solicitation (invitation) to filo a God-given desire in an ungodly manner.  Example: Adam and Eve
Gen. 1:28 ---> Gen. 3:4-6

#2.  Sin Deceives - gives false impressions, makes promises can't deliver.
So:  Gen. 3:13  (warning  2 Cor. 11:3)  Gal. 6:7

#3.  Sin Pursues
Picture presented in Rom. 7 is not that of Paul attacking Sin, but rather = Sin relentlessly pursuing Paul!!!

#4.  Sin Seduces - 1 Tim. 4:1 - leads to unhealthy relationships

#5.  Sin blinds - the root word used = to burn, smoke
Point:  doesn't mean No sight.  Instead = dulled sight, impaired vision.  
Compare Hebrew word meaning "intoxicates" - dulls senses, inability to see, discern, reason.
Example:  Can't reason with a drunk.

#6.  Sin hardens ( de-sensitizes) - Mark 3:5   Matt. 13:14-15

(to be continued next week)

So, Paul - Rom. 7:24-25

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