Monday, February 6, 2017

Study of 2nd. Timothy - Discipleship

2 Tim. = "last words" - Paul is in Roman prison in Rome awaiting execution

1st. two weeks covered - Personal Lifestyle - (growth, development)
then - Evangelism - (every Christian's duty) - WASMs and ISMs

Today:  Discipleship  

noun - a disciple (from Latin word for pupil) = a student  (learner)
BUT more than just a pupil - adherent, imitator. Example:  John the Baptist's disciples - became imitators of John, practitioners of his messages

Verb = to disciple = to teach, instruct, but more than sharing facts.
= (an attempt) to develop, equip, train - not always successful.  Example:  Jesus and Judas Iscariot -
all great leaders who disciple people will have miserable failures.

Concept in Scripture:  - Paul - Col. 2:6-7 - to disciple = (attempt) to promote this process

Eph. 4:11-14 - point here = He gave people to develop people for works of service.  Someone solid, firm in Christ.

2 Tim.1:13-14, 2 Tim. 2:2 - Pattern  This = why we go back to the original teachers.

Could use this order:  Timothy -
1) learn these truths
2) keep these truths - (hold to, practice)
3) guard these truths - (stronger word than "keep")
4) entrust these truths to reliable men, who will be qualified to teach others.
    (vs. 2)

So ---  how to?   what's it take?

#1.  Intentionality - must decide, determine to be a part of discipleship

#2.  Knowledge    Objection:  Problem?  - I don't know anything or I don't know enough. 
Answer:  Impart what you do know.  You know more than somebody.

Note:  Discipling is more than teaching doctrinal truths
        Also = teaching practical application of those truths. - builds disciples

#3.  Time - if don't spend time with someone, won't happen - biggest reason we have no time - taking care of self!
 Settings:     #1.  family - best one
                  #2.  formal discipling - formal training
                  #3.  intentional friendships
                  #4.  church - AWANA, Sunday School, Sunday night!, youth, attendance

Outcome?  on one hand, no guarantee that will have a success.
However, the Great Commission, Matt. 28:18-20 - promise of His presence, assistance found within this passage.  Won't go alone.
(point = may not be successful, will be blessed!!)

Why so important?  urgent?

       2 Tim. 3:14-15

These truths affect - a)  your eternal state (after life)
                    also     b) your present state (life now)
                    and      c) the social state  (society, culture)

#2.  Paul is not going to be around to proclaim, teach it.  2 Tim. 4;5-7
Each generation must accept responsibility for discipling the next generation.

to this we are called!!  - Matt. 28:18-20

THE GREAT COMMISSION:  1) a charge, a command, an order which includes
                                                  2) authority (backing)
                                         and   3) trust                    

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