Thursday, December 22, 2016

King Messiah

Isa. 9:6-7

Old Testament Jews were looking for Messiah.
Definition:  THE ANOINTED ONE - chosen, gifted, sent ... to deliver God's people, to restore the Kingdom

Scripture suggests different kinds of Messiah - (Warrior, Prophet, Priest, Sage)
So on one hand, even tho were differing ideas of Messiah, all agreed that Messiah = deliverer/restorer

Another kind of Messiah more than all these.  Because, there is one who is Combo of all these:  ie.  King Messiah.  Isa. 9:6-7 (again)

Ruler, protector, governor - on David's throne - Jer. 23:5-6 - righteous Branch, King  (note setting and time)

Characterized by wisdom/justice/righteousness - Isa. 11:1-5

A Shepherd - One who cares for His people - Ezek. 37:22-24 - one King over all of them

AND a ruler with God's Backing!!  Dan. 7:13-14

So..... Warrior - who'll fight for and protect His people
           Prophet - who'll bring the people word(s) from God
           Priest - who'll intercede on their behalf (to God)
           Sage - who'll possess and impart Wisdom
           Shepherd - who cares for His people
A just and righteous man who has the Ability to 'get 'er done'

#1.  Would you  - vote for such a man??   #2.  Would you Serve such a man??

Scripture points to Jesus as that "King Messiah".
Luke 1:30-33 - Angel to Mary - lineage of David, will be King
Matt. 2:1-2 - Magi
Matt. 2:3-6 - Scribes and Old Testament prophecy

this = the hope of the disciples - John 1:49 - Nathanial - King
this = the understanding of the people - John 12:12-13

This was used by Jesus' persecutors - Luke 23:1-3
And noted as the reason He was crucified - John 19:19-22
and the reason He was mocked - Mark 15:29-32 - even His persecutors came to recognize He was King Messiah - "King of the Jews"

In Jesus' life we see - prophet, sage, shepherd
BUT - warrior?  ruler?  deliverer?  KING??

Some rabbis therefore concluded there must be "2 messiahs" - maybe more
Post-resurrection Christians concluded there was 1 Messiah and 2 comings (appearances)
AND He'll Satisfy the unfulfilled prophecies - at His RETURN!!  Rev. 11:15,  Rev. 19:15-16 - King of kings, and Lord of lords.

NOTE:  this does not mean He'll be made King t His return, but = HE IS KING NOW
THAT WILL BE MANIFEST at His return!!   

UNTIL then you've the option of choice!!

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