Monday, October 3, 2016

Spiritual Profile

After taking a spiritual profile last week, found that it is almost the same as pas profiles, and national surveys (Barna, others)
on one hand everybody's profile is unique.  However, all are similar!! - Is a profile of Christian people in general.


 #1.  we are imperfect people in an imperfect world.  (fallen world with fallen people)
AND, we walk with an imperfect faith.  (Question:  Are we capable of perfect faith?)

#2.  Our model = Jesus and our standard = Truth, His Word.  These = perfection.  So, attempts to live up to our model and our standard are going to result in:
        A.  Failure and, therefore,
        B.  Frustration.
Compare attempting to imitate an NBA athlete or Olympic medalist

#3.  The longer you walk (ie: attempt to follow, serve, represent)  the more failures you will experience.
 you live longer, try longer = more failures

#4.  Given the situation (ie: a fallen person in a fallen world striving to imitate a perfect model and live up to a perfect standard...) THAT'S how it will be!  - there are going to be times of failure and feelings of failure.
And, (MAYBE how it must be?)   (MAYBE how it should be!?)

Will Divide into 2 areas:
1.  Being - I want to be a better person (Christian)
2.  Doing - I want to do a better job (servant)

#1.  BEING - I want to be a better person Christian)
On one hand, we're to REST in Christ, to trust Him and His faithfulness, His complete work on the Cross, His love, concern, care, His Presence, his Indwelling - 1 Pet. 5:7

On the other hand, we're to recognize our imperfections (sins, shortcomings, failures, etc.) and STRIVE to correct them.  Phil. 3:10 - (work out)  1 Cor. 9:25-27

Yes, we have confidence in His love and care, but still we are to strive.

#2.  DOING - I want to do a better job (as servant, ambassador, representative)

So, on one hand we're to trust Him to do His work!!!
On the other hand, we're to strive in labor as His CO-WORKERS!!
Col. 1:28-29  Phil. 2:12-13
Example:  Paul's words to Timothy - strive, struggle, etc.

Does my sanctification (development, maturity) depend on Christ?  or on me?
Answer = BOTH    2 Pet. 1:5-7 - work at it.
We can never attain without Christ, but He expects us to be involved in it.

Does my success (as servant, representative, ambassador depend on Christ?  or on me?  Again, answer = BOTH - 1 Cor. 15:9-10
Clearly, we can't do God's work, but God wants to work through us!  (in conjunction with)

Summary We are to do
                 We are to trust
Somewhere in all that = Balance
Our example = Jesus - always busy, never anxious

1.  Some frustration is natural (it's either that or indifference)  -People who are serious about Christ and the Christian walk are NOT indifferent)

2.  Some frustration may even be reasonable - (acceptable, within God's will, plan - considering the situation)
3.  Many of us carry it too far - (we go out of the area of trust)

4.  You are not alone.  1 Cor. 10:13 a ...."common to man."

5.  You are not on your own - Phil. 1:6 - Christ is with you.


#1.  TRUST HIM - just trust Him

#2WALK ON - don't quit, don't drop out

#3.  TRUST HIM - He'll never leave you, is never unconcerned.

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