Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guilt and Unworthiness

From the spiritual profile - "In my Christian walk I'm haunted (plagued by, continually revisited with) by feelings of guilt and unworthiness
Guilt because of repeated failures in trying to live up to His perfect example.
Unworthiness for the same reason.

Note:  Sometimes we feel guilty because we are guilty.
          Sometimes we feel unworthy (come short) because we acted in an unworthy manner.

This = right, reasonable, proper = HEALTHY GUILT

However, some people are plagued by a persistent CLOUD of guilt feelings which are NOT reasonable, proper, healthy, necessary.

I.  The State of Guilt = the fact of having done wrong.  Example:  finding out driver's license been expired for a year.  Were in fact guilty of not obeying the law for that year.

II.  The Sense of Guilt - the feeling that comes with a conscious awareness of having done wrong.  These feelings = reasonable, proper, HEALTHY, and Necessary!!   They act as warnings of things that need to be fixed.   Example:  gauges on car dash - let you know what's happening with the engine before it blows up! 

Contrast:  Quote from "Erroneous Zone" with the Biblical view:
E.Z. advocates Self on the throne and ego as guide, personal happiness as the goal of life.

Biblical View advocates Christ on the throne and the Word as a guide, the Holy Spirit as companion, and holiness as the goal of life.
Everyone gets to make these choices.

Note:  to invite Christ into your heart = to invite guilt feelings!!!  - through the Word, through the Holy Spirit.

III.  The Cloud of Guilt
1)  constant, persistent but also,
2) vague, indefinite - can't put finger on why have these guilt feelings
3) without resolution - (can't be satisfied because don't know what it is, can't name it)
4) hypersensitive - (feel guilty over minor offenses, imaginary offenses)
5)  domineering - this cloud of guilt shouts down reason and Scripture.
6)  detrimental, to the point of destructive

Detrimental because:  
deprives one of a healthy self-image
contributes to feelings of inferiority self-loathing - example:  self-cutters, self-beaters
(typically) drives person from God not to God - even Christians tend to tune away from God because of shame.
Rev. 12:10 - possible demonic influences

Need to distinguish between Position in Christ (saved by grace, kept by grace) and Performance before Christ

Your Position = chosen, called, accepted as you were then, received, cleansed, forgiven - past and future, adopted, restored, sealed, secure, valued, valuable - John 3:16

Your Performance:
On one hand, we still sin therefore still need feelings of healthy guilt
However, the design and purpose = to Benefit you!!!
2 Cor. 7:8-11  Isa. 57:15   Heb. 9:14

BUT, the Cloud has NO place in either Position OR Performance!!!
It is NOT God's will, design, work
(Origin of the cloud?  temperament?  environment?  => Rev. 12:10

So.... what to do?? 
A)  test the spirits - Holy Spirit convicts specifically   1 John 4:1
B)  hold to the good  1 Thess. 5:21-22
C)  approach the throne  - Heb. 4:14-16 - come in humility with confidence in the adoption and acceptance

Will the Cloud go away???   Don't know!!!!
THIS I do know - Gen. 4:7
1) you must 'mater it' - it shall not rule over you.  you decide who is on the throne.
2)  with God's help, you can. 
If can't master it, will not lose the love and favor and salvation of Christ.  However, to be an effective child, need to master this feeling.  It is God's will for you.


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