Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Christian Journey - The Opposition

Series:  The Christian Journey - from spiritual birth to death.
Have already discussed The Call - The Walk - The Responsibility

As you travel the Journey, you'll encounter obstacles - could be financial, relational, etc.  (compare to any journey!)  BUT you'll also encounter - OPPOSITION.

Difference?  Opposition = planning, alive, active, personal, intentional
                   Obstacles don't plan, devise, conjure ways to hinder, oppose impede, defeat

3 (primary) forms of OPPOSITION:  - opposing forces
Satan               Self             Society

#1.  Satan - powerful, evil being who opposes God, etc.  from Gen. 3:1 --> Rev. 12:17 (+ his minions)
Now have living opposition to the journey.  As we make this journey - can expect opposition.

#2.  Self - (or sin/or sin nature) - Gen. 4:6-7   PROBLEM!!  This is MORE than external.  Rom. 7:15, 7:17-21.  This is in the heart!

#3.  Society - Biblical word = "world" - 1 John 2:15-17.
Not talking about creation - are obstacles here but not opposing
This is the current world view - the spirit of the time, current philosophy, the social climate, dominant ideals, beliefs - that stand opposite to AND in opposition to God (His Word, will, design, intent)
The people are not the enemies.  The viewpoint is.

In light of OPPOSITION, how do we stand?  how do we Progress?

#1.  Be Aware (informed) - you won't stand against what you don't believe s there!

#2.  Be Alert - on guard - 1 Pet. 5:8   compare Jesus' words - "watch out, be on guard, take heed, be careful"

#3.  Take Charge (of your life) - 1 Pet. 5:8 - "self-controlled" vs. controlled by Satan, Self, Society
Can compare to being controlled by alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food, pornography -When you find out you can't quit easily, your are not really in control.

Compare following verses:  Rom. 6:11 - "control self" - KJV = reckon
                                          Rom. 6:12 - "do not let (allow)...."
                                          Rom. 6:13 - "do not offer ..."
Summary point = Rom. 6:14 - you choose
These concepts are easy to comprehend!  Very difficult to execute!! -  Nevertheless = Biblical Remedy!
There is NO other way!

#4.  Renew Your Mind - Rom. 12:2
ie:  form/ re-form, trans-form your opinions, values, philosophy - re-do, re-new your mind, thinking process

HOW??  (partly) by exposure to and adherence to God's Word!!

#5.  Stand Firm - 1 Pet. 5:8-9 - "in the faith"!!  Makes a difference WHERE you stand firm!!
Compare:  1 Cor. 15:58 - stand firm, let nothing move you.

#6.  REPEAT - many times.  Considering Gen. 3:1 through Revelation, why are we surprised when we have opposition.

Col. 2:6-7 - in KJV - "as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk ye in Him"

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