Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Marriage 101

Question often asked:  IF unmarried and likely to remain that way, why study this??

Some answers:

(1)  Any study of God's word => valuable truths, knowledge.
        We learn about God from the priesthood, sacrificial system, slavery, etc. even though not actually practicing these things today.

(2)  Christian = Ambassador for Christ - should be able to share His views on important subjects, for example:  marriage and family.   Needed today????

(3)  You associate daily with people in troubled marriages - are you able to advise? counsel? assist according to Scripture??
There is no way you can claim exclusion to this.

Therefore, Marriage 101
in Genesis - at Creation
each day ends with "it was good".  When man is created, ends with "very good"

Then  Gen. 2:18-24 with Gen. 1:27-28 - bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

On one hand, weddings are our invention
However, Marriage is of Divine Origin, not the invention of man, but from God.  (the Design preceeded the institution!!

Designed ... by God ...To Produce: ( ie.  to achieve, accomplish, effect)
to meet a need, fill a void, complete His Creation.

Given that, what then is God's Purpose and Intent for marriage?

I.  God's Purpose for Marriage = Produce, provide:
   1)  A companion - vs. Gen. 2:18 - "Not good .... alone" - be with someone, to walk with, talk with, eat with, ... a friend!!

   2)  A partner - "helpmete" - helper, co-worker
Gen. 1:28 - "subdue, rule" - not rape and pillage and destroy.  Man is at the pinnacle of the animal kingdom

   3)  A lover - Gen. 2:23 - created with an emotional need to BE Loved and to FEEL it!
 Song of Solomon 1:1-4, 2:16-17 - Help mate plus Play mate
None of the animals can fill that need

All 3 in one package??

   4)   A mate - Gen. 1:28  (why are young couples surprised when suddenly the young lady comes up pregnant?  THAT'S what the design was - only SUPPOSED to be within the bonds of marriage, not outside!)

II.  God's Intent  - (design, desire) for Marriage
Gen. 2:24

    1)  leave - primary relationship changes to spouse instead of original family
    2)  cleave - adhere to, embrace
    3)  become - souls knit together - still 2 distinct individuals that become one flesh
    4)  remain, continue - Matt. 19:4-6

IF this = God's Design, Intent, Purpose, then why so much marital strife, failure?

Answer = SIN - the umbrella that covers all behavior out of God's will.  When we choose to act out of God's will for us, it is sin and will result in problems, unhappiness, etc.  If not immediate, as time passes.

So, on one hand, you won't  have a perfect marriage. 
However, can have a blessed, happy, fulfilling marriage

HOW?? (generally speaking this morning, specifics follow in the series)

#1.  Recognize (the wisdom of God's Design) - ie: admit that God is right
= Knowledge   Understanding   Admission

#2.  Choose - God's way vs. self's way (world's way)

#3.  Pursue.... takes work, effort
      Be intentional about building - friendship, partnership, romance, child-rearing

#4.  Submit - to God, to God's plan, to your role within that Plan (ie: to what He had called you to DO, GE, BECOME)

Result  = Blessedness - topped off with Happiness!!!

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