Sunday, May 8, 2016

Intro. to Family Series

Contrast what we desire and what we achieve:
Money Magazine did a poll on Goals, Dreams of the American people.
One question was regarding Important Elements of the American Dream.
#1 choice = having happy home life - 98%.

However, also know how many of us fail in this!  America has the distinction of having the highest rate of marital failure in the history of mankind.
Why are we not doing better at it??  Are people not being honest about what they value?  Perhaps just saying this is what is wanted, because it seems to be the right answer.  Or,  it could be we're not good at achieving, acquiring, maintaining what we want most.

Answer!!!  People = complex, therefore answer = complex
BUT - from a Biblical Perspective - the overarching (umbrella) answer = SIN and SINFULNESS.  All specific things will fall under this umbrella.

 Man was created and designed by God to live, function within boundaries (God's will).  Anything outside this will is SIN.

These boundaries =
(1)  established by God
(2)  Revealed in part through Revelation (Word)
(3)  Violation is more than awaiting judgment/Divine intervention
Operating outside God's will, desire, design has consequence.  Not benefiting, but detrimental.  Gal. 6:7 - man reaps what he sows.  There are laws written into the universe.
(4)  This applies to all walks of life - marriage and family included!!

So, Question:   if follow His rules we WILL have "happy home life"!??
Answer:  must add another element:  SIN -- SINFULNESS -- A FALLEN WORLD (affects of sin around us)
Examples:  A.  Life circumstances
                 B.  Other people's choices (sins)
                 C.  your own past - cause and affect is the world we live in.

BUT our focus will be on things within your control:

#1.  Choice - choose to be happy?  - superficial & temporary or be blessed? - goes deep and solid.
Deut. 30:19
A great deal of what happens is our choice.  A Barna poll showed that 63% or people believe that the purpose of life is their enjoyment and fulfillment.

#2.  Understanding ie:  attainable knowledge (available knowledge) - Scripture    Hosea 4:6 , 2 Tim. 3:16-17
Extra scriptural

#3.  Effort - touchstone vs = Prov. 14:1
    Combination of:  a)  wisdom - knowledge, revelation
                              b)  Effort - builds
                              c)  continual EFFORT

#4.  Submission - ultimate blessing, maximum blessing, eternal blessing found here.
On one hand, many blessings available when we operate within His Will.  Even lost people can reap these blessings.
However, ultimate blessing comes with submission to HIM!

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