Sunday, May 22, 2016

Buffaloes and Butterflies

(first B & B sermon - 1989 Mother's Day)

DISCLAIMER:  this addresses typical marital issues.
                          This assumes 2 people of good will, ie:  deep down desire to make it work.  Will not by itself work in radical situations with abnormal circumstances.

Why Your Husband is Such a Clod.  He's:
#1.  human -   Rom. 3:23 - seriously flawed
#2.  male - Gen. 1:27 - different, remarkably the same, but also remarkably different.  
The differences are MORE than physical!!! 
#3.  ignorant (not stupid) - of the nature, origin, extent of the differences AND of how to deal with them.
This information does NOT come natural, and it's seldom taught.
#4.  forgetful - because it never becomes natural
#5.  confused - even when he learns, he doesn't understand.  Wife = mystery

Why Your Wife is Such a Nag.  She's:
#1.  Human - Rom. 3:23
#2.  female - Gen. 1:27 - different by design
#3.  ignorant - of the extent of differences, how to address them
#4.  forgetful - even though more relational and natural
#5.  confused - her man remains a mystery

Then (eventually) because of the above, they both get....
#6.  Hurt ..... emotionally (which really hurts)
                     repeatedly  (which leads to wounds!!)

Obviously, buffaloes can hurt butterflies, BUT - butterflies can wound buffaloes also.

Overwhelming?  Any remedy?  Solution?  Hope?

(1)  the differences are not going away.  You don't WANT them to!!!  They are BY DESIGN!

(2)  The differences are NOT the problem:  the problem = a)  our ignorance  and b) our sinfulness (selfishness)

So ... what to do?
(1)  Commit yourself = to God's design, your spouse, your marriage

(2)  Educate yourself - "want to" is not enough - need a how to:  examples:  books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, conferences, AND Communication with One Another!!

(3)  Work, Work, Work.  to improve YOURSELFnot your spouse!!!

(4) - Reap the Rewards - for yourself, spouse, kids, kingdom

POINT:  Most marriages consist of two people who
1) love one another
2) want to make it work
3) want to make it better

With that foundation + some knowledge + effort + God's Blessings ??????

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