Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Every Christian's Battle

Eph. 4:1 - walk according to calling have received

Example:  family's biking excursion to top of mountain = effort, discipline, know-how, training
BECAUSE:  will encounter OBSTACLES (gravity, wind, fatigue)
AND..... might encounter OPPOSITION!!!  (someone not really happy to see such dedication, so do things to impede progress)

If you intend to walk/live the Christian life, there will be obstacles AND opposition!!

You should expect BOTH - obstacles and opposition!

Difference????  Obstacles impede BUT it's not personal, intentional, hostile.
Opposition implies personality, intentionality - opponent, adversary, antagonist, enemy!!

So ... today we look at "Every Christian's Battle" = a Look at the Opposition!!

#1.  Satan
#2.  The World
#3.  The Flesh

I.  Satan - 1 Pet. 5:8 - Lucifer/Devil/Evil One/chief of fallen angels/real and personal
(YOUR adversary)

Jesus - encountered, addressed, taught, warned about - Luke 22:31-32 - (you = you all)

his intent??  purpose?   to be exalted (as God)  (anti-Christ = 1) against Christ, 2) in place of Christ!!
So..... his methods =  display his power and God's impotence, AND you are Pawn in this game - Rev. 12:17
You are going to be opposed by hostile opposition!!

Your defense????  1 Pet. 5:8-9 "in the faith"
     1)  be aware  (expect this, be informed, be forewarned)
     2)  stand firm
     3) IN THE FAITH!! - the protection and strength comes from being in faith in Jesus Christ

II.  The WORLD = 1) earth  2) mankind (population)  3) the current worldview of fallen man (worldly view) which = contrary to God's Word and therefore in opposition to God's Will.  John 17:12-18 (note three different uses of world)  - not of that philosophy, viewpoint

Question?  What's the world's current view on:  ethics?  politics?  sex?  marriage?  origin?  destiny?  environment?  authority?  eternity?  - Are any of these views today against God's Word????

How to combat??  Rom. 12:2 - "your mind"
refuse conformity (to what = contrary)
allow transformity
(Don't let your thinking, your habits, etc. be formed by the world view)

III.  the Flesh = term can mean body substance, body whole, whole person
Also, can mean the sin nature, the sin-stained element of the human nature, the seat of sing within us.

It's easier described that defined --> Rom. 7:15-25
Note:  A)  This is more than an obstacle  = an opponent!! (one that tries to keep me from moving forward to becoming what God wants me to be)

POINT:  doesn't mean reject legitimate physical, bodily pleasures (Gen. 1:31)
              but, does mean reject inclination, desire to act contrary to God's Will.

How to combat??  Rom. 6:11-14 - "count, consider, reckon"
Objection:  that's not enough
Answer:  "my grace is sufficient" - 2 Pet. 1:3  ie:  we're given the means to live according to the call, but... it will be a Battle!!! (to the end)  There will be intentional, hostile opposition to it!!

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