Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Building the Kingdom

Luke 11:1-2  Matt. 6:10
Having a 'builders heart' = can look back, see it done, see it still stands!!
This refers to more than buildings:  can be a movement, task, project, accomplishment, pursuit, etc.

Question?  If you were invited to be part of the greatest building project of all time??  Would you want to be??
NOTE:  You ARE invited!!!    

Definition:  Kingdom of God = sphere of His rule, reign, authority......

Which, on one hand = ALL (everything)  Psm. 95:3-7, 103:19
On the other hand = limited!!! --- by God's will.     
            #1.  The present Kingdom => that which voluntarily submits ... 
            #2.  The future Kingdom => when ALL will clearly, visibly submit .... 1 Cor. 15:24-26 - (Kingdom comes into being in the fullest sense.   Not voluntary anymore.

Kingdom of God is a major/primary theme of the Gospels
intro to John the Baptist - Matt. 3:1-2
Words of Christ - Mark 1:14-15
Charge to the 12 - Luke 9:1-2
Parables - "Kingdom is like......."
Summary:  Matt. 6:22 - see first the Kingdom of God

Again, you are invited to participate/assist/partner....
on one hand, God needs no partner!!
However, He offers us the opportunity/privilege.  So,  Col. 4:11 - workers for the Kingdom, not just in the Kingdom.

How to Participate?  (generally?)
If haven't already accepted, and if we choose ----

#1.  Listen - because it's by invitation only!!!
So, examine, consider, inspect ... AND LISTEN for the call

#2.  Decide - to be worker in the Kingdom.  Have to decide.

#3.  Submit - you enter the Kingdom by receiving the King (recognizing that Christ is truly King/Messiah) - John 1:11-13
This = A.  Recognition (of His Kingship)
          B.  Submission (to His authority) - "bow the knee" in heart and say, "You are Lord".
         C.  Allegiance (to Him)

#4.  Learn (discipleship)
        A.  Rules of the Kingdom (gracious, good laws established by God)
        B.  Methods of Service (because of differences!!  Matt. 20:24-28  Building according to His service rules.

#5.  Live Accordingly = Kingdom Ethics!  (contrary to the ethics of the world.)

Often = day by day - in the mundane - without miracles!!   Many times that's what we're called to - nothing glamorous!

#6.  Build Accordingly = Kingdom Methods - Mostly, that's the way you build the Kingdom.
usually = day by day .... brick by brick mundane stuff.

#7.  Promote the King and His Kingdom
"Ye shall be witnesses unto me"

And in the End???  (part of what awaits us)  - Matt. 25:31-34
It's your choice.  Your decision.  Your Re-decision.  It's easy to get caught up in building own kingdom instead of Christ's Kingdom.

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