Monday, November 11, 2013

Every Christian's Ally

Last week - Every Christian's Battle.  (Satan, world, flesh)

This week - our Ally - Holy Spirit - for everyone serious about following Christ

John 14 - 17 = Jesus' last words to His disciples before His arrest/death
So:  1)  instruction    2)  prayer - for them, for us   3)   Promise of a Helper - (when making a serious attempt to live the Christian life)

John 14:15-16 - Counselor (NIV)  Comforter (KJV)  Helper (NAS)

Word = PARACLETE  - from ... Para = beside/alongside  (Para-llel/medic/legal)
                                          and...Kaleo = to call

Translates:  One called alongside to help  (or assist)
(common use = family attorney)

BUT help/assistance has many forms*, so PARACLETE has many translations.

*Forms list:  The Comforter
                    The Counselor
                    The Helper - general assistance
                    The Interceder
                    The Advocate
                    The standby
                    The One who Encourages
                    The One who Consoles - example:  Simeon - "the consolation of Israel"
So.... who/waht is this Paraclete?  - John 14:25-26 = the Holy Spirit

Point:  Jesus promise to His disciples = As I helped you when I was present with you, so now the Holy Spirit will help you IN MY ABSENCE!!  - John 14:16 - another like Himself.  Another counselor - 1st. one was Himself.

Question??  Did the disciples face opposition???   ---- martyrs - all disciples except John died terrible martyrs' deaths
                 Were they assisted by Paraclete?  - Acts 4:29-31 - absolutely
                 What was the result?  = growth of Christianity.  The greatest empire on face of the earth tried to squelch growth, and instead, Christianity grew and grew, and the empire eventually crumbled.

#1.  This promise carries beyond the disciples .... to us!!  Acts 2:38-39 - God chooses when and where to work.  It is His decision.

#2.  So, as you walk/follow/minister/serve..... the Paraclete will be with you to assist you!!
Note again:  assistance has many forms - See Forms List again.
Example:  Christian business world has grasped this concept!!!  Note following:
       If you Google "Paraclete" you will find:
      Paraclete Press - (publish Christian books/music/DVDS)
      Paraclete Mission Group - ("we come alongside churches and mission organizations to assist your work")
      Paraclete Charter Service - (ferry service/1 vessel = "Koinonia")
      Servants of the Paraclete - (men's group/ministers to priests)
      Paraclete Eldercare - (geriatric services)
      Paraclete Tutors - (tutoring program)
      Paraclete Counseling - (Christian/Biblical Counseling)
      Paraclete Computer Services
      Paraclete Tactical Body Armor - (

And, #3.  When you encounter opposition (not just difficulties) (Satan, world, self) - the Holy Spirit will be there to help you!   The One who Strengthens!

Objection!!!  I don't sense His presence/see or feel Him working in/through me!!

ANSWER:  1)  Your perception is not necessarily reality of the situation - whether I perceive it has nothing to do with the situation.
                   2)  meeting your needs is not necessarily meeting your desires and expectations!!
Example:  Paul's thorn in the flesh - !! Cor. 12:8-9 - what you're receiving from God, regardless of what you think, will be the best for you.

2 Issues/considerations:
#1.  Acquisition - (how to 'acquire' the Holy Spirit? - Paraclete)
On one hand, His is already with you (God is omnipresent, therefore Holy Spirit always there regardless)
However, as Paraclete, He comes with salvation - when make Christ Lord, and strive to live according to His leadership and principles

#2.  Submission.
He is helper/assistant/'servant'
However, He is NOT sub-servient - does not answer to you!  He = God the Holy Spirit ... who came to you.  Who chose to come and die for His creation!!

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