Monday, February 1, 2010

The Christian Journey (continued)

Series: Improving Your Christian Walk
A. Your Walk with God - relationship, getting to know Him
B. Christian Lifestyle - daily behavior
C. The Journey - the whole trip - from born again to physical death.

The Journey - continuing this week with more observations/truths/lessons about the journey.
2 Tim. 4:6-8

#1. A poor start does not necessitate a poor ending. Example: the Apostle Paul
He is the God of many chances/late chances. Luke 23:42-43 - the thief on the cross
Point being: it's not too late to.... A. start the journey B. end well

#2. A good start does not guarantee a good finish. Don't bank on the fact that because you started early (saved as a child or young person) that you are all right.
Point is: this is a journey of choices/decisions/corrections till the end!!

#3. Your choice of traveling companions is very important. Prov. 27:17 Prov. 13:20
This includes, obviously, friends, especially spouse, church family, teachers, mentors etc.

#4. You'll face many obstacles on this journey. (duh!!)
These obstacles can be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, etc. This is life in a fallen world - full of fallen people!! 1 Cor. 10:13 (a)

#5. Some of the obstacles are DESIGNED to stop you.
Eph. 6:12 (contrast natural obstacles with supernatural) 1 Pet. 5:8
These are planned on purpose by Satan. (once you are a Christian, he can't keep you from heaven, but he can keep you from making the journey.)

#6. That which is designed to stop you can strengthen you. The closer you try to walk with Christ, the more obstacles you will encounter. This is God's unique plan (to strengthen and develop you) and ability (to use those things).
1 Pet. 1:3-7
Rom 5:1-4
Rom. 8:28

#7. You should become more adept as you journey. ie: more capable, competent, better able to live, jinister, direct
The point of the journey is to shape, sharpen, strengthen you. So that you are better later in the journey than at the start.
Contrast this with a marathon race: there you have the most strength at the start!!

But, the irony is:
#8. You may feel more inept as you progress. ie: less capable, competent
Why??? 2 reasons: 1. you are more aware of what you should be and become. (ie: the plan/standards)
2. You're more aware of your faults, feelings, shortcomings..... your SIN(S).

So....... Be Careful - don't let your growth, progress hinder your walk
Be Encouraged - your walk M.A.D. (makes a difference) 1 Cor. 15:58 Gal. 6:9

Good news.
#9. You get many opportunities to correct your course.
Heb. 4:14-16
He's the God of many chances.
He's the God of mercy, grace, forgiveness

Bad news.
#10. It's up to you to correct your course.
A self-guided missile needs:
B. this information programmed in
C. to respond to what's been programmed
A Christian needs:
information - Bible
B. this info programmed in - Bible Study, learn, take in
C. to respond to this programming - use the information that's been studied, learned, internalized

NOTE: You'll get many opportunities to correct your course.....
BUT: you only get one shot at the journey!!!

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