Monday, January 18, 2010

Walking in the Way

Eph. 4: 1 - key verse

The series is "Improving Your Christian Walk"

Last week - Your Walk with God - your relationship with Him and developing that relationship.
This week - the Christian walk, behavior, lifestyle

Note: a companion word to "walk" is "way".
"Walk" is action, behavior, your part
"Way" is the direction, path, course

These two are often put together in scripture:
Deut 5:33/Deut. 10:12
Judges 2:22
Psalms 86:11 (a)
Prov. 2:20
Jer. 6:16 (a)

The image is so natural and so apparent that Christians adopted it. Acts 9:1-2 Acts 24:14
In the beginning, believers called themselves "followers of the Way"

So: regarding "walking in the Way"

A. where you should walk (path, road, corridor, lane, etc.
B. how you should walk (manner, method, appearance

#1. Both the walk and the Way are determined by God
Deut. 11:22/Deut. 30:16 "His Way" (therefore - walking in the Way is non-negotiable)
That doesn't mean that you don't have a choice. He gives us freedom of choice to choose if we want to follow the Way or not, but if we choose to walk in the Way, we must walk His Way.

#2. The rules are not arbitrarily chosen (randomly selected)
They are based on God's character, eternal truths, spiritual laws
Therefore, these rules are beneficial to all when followed.

#3. They are adequately described in His Word
This doesn't mean that every situation is addressed. BUT, have do's and don't's and descriptive phrases as to how we are to walk: faithfully, honestly, in integrity of heart, uprightly, in truth, in the light, in the way of understanding, humbly, stedfastly, by faith, in obedience, in the Spirit, after the Spirit, in love, as children of light, circumspectly (carefully), in wisdom, in Christ.

Also: in God's law, according to His Word, in the name of the LORD, in the fear of the Lord, in His paths, in His way(s)

#4. They have universal application - all people, all times
The specifics vary a little, but ... the list doesn't. Example: Luke 3:10-14 - the answers are always in the way and descriptions apply

#5. His Way is narrow and restrictive
On one hand: this is a relative term. However, there ARE boundaries.
Note: truth is always narrow. (ex. 2 + 2 = 4) Love is restrictive. (ex. prohibitions for your kids)

#6. His Way is not necessarily the easiest way.
Matt. 5:43-44 Matt. 18:21-22 James 1:2-3 Matt. 16:24-25

#7. His Way is the best way. Matt. 7:13-14

#8. You are not truly in the Way until you're in Christ. John 14:1-6

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