Sunday, January 10, 2010

Developing Your Walk With God

Last week we discussed "improving your Christian walk". However, this walk wasn't fully defined.
"Walk"(figuratively) - described in the Bible:
1. Your relationship with God. - getting to know Him.
2. Your Christian lifestyle - practical, hands on
3. Your spiritual journey - from the time He was first revealed to you until death

Today we'll focus on #1: Your relationship with God.

It's God's desire and intent that you walk with Him.
A. Original intent Gen. 3:8-9
B. The relationship was damaged, not destroyed. Gen. 5:22 (Enoch) Gen. 6:9 (Noah)
C. A relationship/walk continued to be His will and desire. Gen. 17:1 (Abram) Lev. 26:12 1 Kings 9:4 Mal. 2:6 (Levi and the priests)
D. Your opportunity for a relationship/walk is improved by Christ. We have greater opportunity to walk with God because of and through Christ.
Thru: 1. revelation (can know better because it's exegeted")
2. reconciliation 2 cor. 5:17-19 (a) it's all from God, none of our own doing

How to develop this relationship? (this walk?)
by Acquaintance - as a seeker - sincerely looking for/searching for
- as a receiver - your response

#2. Acquire knowledge - the Word is the description of who He is, what He desires, etc.

#3. Presence - A. Quality time - (time set aside, ie. Quiet Time. Your presence with Him.
B. Quantity time - can't develop a relationship on quality time alone.

#4. Conversation (prayer) - sharing of heart in important things and trivial things

#5. Continuity - "souls knit together" concept - the relationship gets deeper with time.

Meet Him in the Word - it's God-breathed
Sense Him in your heart
Walk with Him in Prayer (conversation)
Bond with Him in Time

How important is this???
John 17:3

This is not about experiences and sensations, but, do you know Him?

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