Sunday, January 3, 2010

Improving Your Chrisitan Walk

Eph. 4:1 - What's worthy? - a life of Godliness. How to do it???

I. Consider - Prov. 14:8 (a) Prov. 14:15 Where Am I? Should be? Want to go? Headed?
Decide - which way to go?? ! Kings 18:20-21
Declare = take a stand. Joshua 24:14-15 Not making a choice is making a choice. If not standing with God, are standing with the world.

II. Educate (self) - Bible Study, Sunday School, etc.
Examine (self) - look in mirror. Heb. 4:12 listen to the prompter (Holy Spirit). Won't fix what don't think is broke.
Admit (say the same thing about that God says). This is about more than our sins. Also about gifts/talents/abilities - calling/opportunity/responsibility.

III. Develop (self) - especially Christian character - 1 Tim. 4:7-8
Impact (others) - On one hand, need to develop self so impact others. On the other hand, impact others which will help develop self. Philemon 6
Enjoy (life) Balance is needed here!!! We tend to spend too much time and energy on the enjoying part

IV. Continue - this is a process; therefore, be constant and consistent.

V. Re-Visit (often) - The word to the prophets was - "remind". to the people "remember"
Re-adjust (early) - if stray off course, which we all tend to do on occasion, readjust and get back on course.

The above 12 things are beneficial to any walk.
Below are 2 things essential to Christian walk:

VI. Accept - (Christ - as Savior)
Enthrone (Christ as Lord)

Application: Apply to your life where you are.

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