Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Kingdom of God - continued

The Kingdom is:

I. Available to all but by invitation only.
The bad news is the you must be invited to enter the kingdom. It's by invitation only. John 6:44 It is HIS kingdom. He rules.
The good news is that you're invited. All are invited. Rev. 22:17

1 Thess. 2:12

II. freely offered but a response is required. Matt. 22:1-10
A. Not by: good works - Matt. 21:31 , religiosity - Matt. 7:21-23 , sincerity - a response is required.

B. by grace (def. - the unmerited/underserved favor Col. 1:12-14
All we have to do is come.

III. simple as a child's choice but difficult as an adult decision.

Contrast: Mark 10:13-16 and Mark 10:17-25 It wasn't his wealth that kept him out, but he wouldn't make Jesus Lord.

IV. great gain for those who pursue it, but incredible loss for those who ignore it.

Contrast: Matt. 13:44 & 45 - what's it worth to get into the Kingdom.
and Luke 10:8-12 (why so harsh? Luke 10:16)

Summary: The Kingdom is: Available - don't ignore the invitation
Free - but you must respond
Simple - but - can be difficult decision/choice
Great gain!! Luke 12:29-32

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