Monday, March 9, 2009

Kingdom Living

The Kingdom of God is the SPHERE of His rule.... future and Present! - Matt. 6:25-33

Question: So, how do we live in the Kingdom now?? What's Kingdom life look like?

Answer: Kingdom living is living under and in response to His LORDSHIP and His LEADERSHIP.

Kingdom Living is the whole of Christian life.


#1. Kingdom life begins with a Kingdom birth.
John 1:11-13 and John 3:3-7

NOTE: You can live by Kingdom rules and appearances and NOT be in the Kingdom.
Matt. 7:21 and Matt. 5:20

So: How to enter??? The terminology is broad. ie: born again, repent, saved, receive Christ, etc.
But, the concept is always the same. You enter the Kingdom when you accept the King.

#2. Kingdom life practices dual (multiple) citizenship.
An example is Paul: Phil. 3:20 with Rom. 13:1
We.... belong to multiple kingdoms - (world, country, state, county, community) and we should seek the welfare of those kingdoms. He left us here to be salt and light in this world.

BUT... your primary and ultimate allegiance is to CHRIST. Acts 4:18-20 When the kingdoms are in an ultimate clash, we MUST choose HIS kingdom.

#3. PROPER Kingdom living means living according to Kingdom Rules. (law)

Note: following the rules does not get you into the Kingdom
breaking the rules doesn't get you expelled from the Kingdom.
It is not talking about good works.

BUT that does NOT mean there are no rules!! (no boundaries, right and wrong)

A frequent objection: We're not under The Law. Jude 4
Answer: Not under THE Law does not mean there is No Law!! Gal. 5:13


#4. PROPER Kingdom living requires knowing His Will.
which requires: A. seeking His Will - we will find it when we seek for it.
B. studying His Word
C being sensitive to His Spirit

#5. PROPER Kingdom living means submitting to His Will - for you.

Some things are not clearly outlined in scripture (tithing, drinking, gambling, etc.)
Therefore, you must: A. seek His will
B. study His Word
C. be Sensitive to His Spirit
D. be honest with yourself. Jer. 17:9

The problem is: we are easily convinced that what WE want is what God wants for and of us!!!

Kingdom living is more than following the Rules. It is following Him and His will for YOU.

#6. PROPER Kingdom living is productive Kingdom living.

Matt. 21:43 Jesus' words to the chief priests, elders, and Pharisees in the temple.

The Point: He expects us to do something in the Kingdom, for the Kingdom, with the Kingdom.

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