Monday, March 30, 2009

The Future/End Times/The 2nd. Coming

THE STUDY: is interesting, intriguing, and VALID.

Some statistics on the 2nd. Coming compiled by MacArthur.

#1. 30% of Bible prophecy is concerned with the 2nd. Coming

#2. There are over 300 Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ. 200 are yet to be fulfilled (at His return)

#3. 36 (of the 46) Old Testament prophets speak of events connected with the 2nd. coming

#4. Over 1500 Old Testament passages refer to the 2nd. Coming. Over 300 New Testament passages refer to the 2nd. Coming. (that is 1 out of 25!)

#5. The 2nd. Coming is one of the most prominent subjects in the New Testament.

#6. For every time the 1st. Coming is mentioned in the New Testament, the 2nd. Coming is mentioned 8 times!

#7. Jesus Himself refers to His return 21 times.

#8. Men are exhorted to be ready for His return over 50 times!

Rev. 1:3

All of this points to the validity of the study of the 2nd. Coming of Christ.

Often, in an effort to "figure it all out", it leads to bizarre speculation, twisted scripture references, and distracts from Christian living.

But, everyone wants to know: when? what scenario? what signs?

SO, let's settle it!!! Matt. 24:1-44 Acts 1:4-11

After MUCH study, I (Pastor Rogers) DON'T KNOW!! But apparently many others do!!! There are thousands of books and articles that have been written predicting the 2nd. Coming - complete with charts and reasons and the actual time and date of His return.


#1. Don't be deceived. Nobody knows. All have been wrong so far.
Question: does this make them false prophets??? Does it make YOU a follower of a false prophet?

#2. Don't be misled. These people don't have additional revelation; divine insight (beyond yours); superior intellect.

#3. Don't be confused. Speculation does not establish or determine TRUTH (these are theories)
Fiction should not be confused with fact ie: the Left Behind Series
Popular opinion does not affect God.

#4. Don't be discouraged. "Soon" fits God's timetable.
Examples: Abraham and the promised son. It didn't happen until beyond possibility.
Israel and "the Promised Land" - that wasn't fulfilled for generations. They were in Egypt for 400 hundred years.
Jews and the Messiah. This happened 1500 years after Moses.

#5. Do be ready. 2 Pet. 3:3-5 2 Pet. 3:7-14

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