Monday, January 12, 2009

Pursuing Practical Righteousness

We get into positional righteousness when we come to God through Jesus Christ, admitting our sins, asking for forgiveness and cleansing, and accepting the free gift God has offered to us.

Last week we looked at the three types of righteousness. This morning we focus on Practical Righteousness. (the PRACTICE of doing right) Psalm 18:20-24

QUESTION: What's right?
The Christian view is: there is a Creator/Lawgiver who...
A. IS right
B. DOES right
But... D. Not Arbitrarily - but in accord with His character, His nature, Truth - eternal and forever
Deut. 32:4 Psalm 97:2 The rules always existed because God has always been.

QUESTION: Can we know what's right? How?
Many measure by: intuition, conscience, reason, consensus...
But these all are flawed - Rom. 3:23

Therefore: We can know by REVELATION!
Through the prophets - Heb. 1:1 Through His Son - Heb. 1:2
John 1:18 2 Tim. 3:16-17 John 14:25-26

(granted - revelation requires reception, interpretation, application, etc. which can become flawed by man)

QUESTION? Can we DO what's right? (assuming we know)
Answer is mixed. A scriptural dilemma.
On one hand we have some ability, capacity for good. Eph. 2:10
Maybe a lot of capacity for good 1 Cor. 10:13 Matt. 5:48

On the other hand we are plagued with a sinful nature and sinful tendencies.
Rom. 3:9-12 & 23 Rom. 7:15-24

S, even when it's hard to know what IS our capacity for good/righteousness, here's what we CAN DO in light of what we DO KNOW!!


#1. We must recognize what is right. through revelation - God's will, God's Word.

#2. We must recognize (when we're wrong, where we're wrong, that we're wrong) we are NOT right.
Rev. 3:17 Prov. 30:11-12 Rom. 3:20

#3. We must admit (confess - say the same thing God says) our un-right-ness.
As Individuals
As a group

#4. We must submit to Him Rom. 10:3-4
This text is talking about POSITIONAL. Yes!! Positional righteousness IS necessary for the PRACTICE of righteousness.
John 15:4-5

Then: #5 (with His presence, help, guidance, Spirit) We must pursue (practical) righteousness. Regardless of our continual failures - individual and corporate

Simple Summary: what should I do?

#1. Obtain Positional Righteousness. - need Jesus Christ in heart and life.
#2. Pursue Practical Righteousness.
#3. Promote both.

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