Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Incarnation; The Coming of Christ

 All the celebrations around the world came about because of Christ's birth.

John 1:1 and John 1:14 

At Christmas we celebrate His coming AS a man .... TO Earth.
Matt. 1:22-23 - this title "Immanuel" - God Incarnate
On one hand, is a great mystery - 1 Tim. 3:16
However, just because it is beyond comprehension does not mean it's beyond truth!!!

So... what did He come to Accomplish?  (what purpose?)

He Came To

#1)  Reveal God - John 1:18  (word is exegete - to reveal)
To reveal ... God's Person/Character
                   God's will/ plan  (for us (people))

On one hand, more fully but NOT completely!!! - He is infinite.  We will never be infinite.
However, how much more we know of God .. when you add the gospels and the New Testament! - Christ came to reveal this stuff.  2 Pet. 1:19

#2)  To Redeem Man - ("buy back")
Justice demands payment
(hence the Old Testament Sacrificial System - ceremonially saved from sins)

#3)  to Reconcile Man
Redeem has legal aspects            Reconcile = relational aspect.  (personal relationship)
Rom.8:14-17 - "...co-heirs with Christ."
2 Cor. 5:18 - "...through Christ"  - example:  Bridge illustration

NOTE:  The price paid doesn't assure Redemption  (must accept!!)
              The bridge built doesn't assure Reconciliation  (must cross!!)

#4.  to teach us - how to live this life!!

#5.  To model for us - how to live this life!!

So..... WWJD (what would Jesus do)  based on what DID Jesus do?!   Not what you think Jesus would do.
The answer to both = found in Scripture!!!  Not in your mind, your heart!!  It is irrelevant what you think!!

Some of Jesus' human actions, expressions modeled for us":
     humility - "emptied 'self" - Phil. 2
     compassion/sympathy - example:  the 5000 - "sheep without a shepherd"
     forgiveness - ex.  woman caught in adultery - "neither do I condemn..."
                                on cross - "Father, forgive... they know not...."
     sense of duty/responsibility - John 5:17 - "Father works and I work...."
     sense of purpose!!  "came to seek and save"
     self - discipline, self sacrifice/ obedience...

Above exercised NOT ONLY in pleasant times.
But amidst ... grief/sorrow/pain/frustration (anger)/hunger/thirst/fatigue (also = human!)
So... Heb. 4:15 = our Mediator also our Model!!

#6.  To Enable us - John 14:15-18
(doesn't give TASK without Provision!)
On one hand, not enabled to perfection
However, enabled to ... live the Christian life ... to follow... to serve... to model... to Promote!

The above 6 = things He came to accomplish (achieve)

But... motivation?  ie:  why would God come, live, Die...?

Because... (1)  He Loves You - John 3:16
            on one hand "world" = us...
            however the Scripture is clear ... includes you as an individual person!!!

                (2)  (obviously)  He Values You   (agape)
                      (A)  made you in His image
                     (B) you are worth dying for!!!

               (3)  He sees potential in you ... He's willing to beckon you, save you, indwell you, work with you.... and spend eternity with you!!!

Short Summary:  John 10:10

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