Sunday, December 5, 2021

Parables of Jesus (continued)

 Last week = Parable of Soils  (soil is your heart, ou are responsible for the condition of the soil.)
Included Mark 4:10-12  along with Matthew 13

Point = Parables are designed to :  Reveal and Conceal Spiritual truths
Jesus wanted those who wanted to hear and see to see, and those who didn't, did not.

So now.... Mark 4:21-22
Is God's desire that all see and hear the spiritual truths.
However, He won't violate your free will.    If you are determined to not let God's truths in, He won't force you to hear.

So... Mark 4:23-24 The Warning (admonition)
IF you ahve Spiritual capacity to see, hear....
THEN .. you should (1) TAKE NOTE  (pay attention)
                      and    (2)  Consider carefully what's being taught and said..

Because:  Mark 4:24-25
(1)  the degree to which you apply yourself to these truths largely determines what you'll get out of them. 
Mark 4:14-15

(2)  if you don't use what you have, you cane expect to lose what you have! 
Illustration:  Matt. 25:26-29
(3)  Paul's last words to Timothy - 2 Tim. 2:15

2 Kingdom Parables

I)  Mark 4:26-29 - Kingdom is like... a field of seeds that grow and develop regardless of farmer's understanding!

This does not mean we spread the Word and let God do all the rest.  Example:  1 Cor. 3:5-9
So... (1)  We are to apply ourselves to the Word in our own heart  (ex.  Parable of the Soils)

AND  (2)  we are to (attempt to) nurture the seed in other's hearts as well!!

II)  Mark 4:30-32
On one hand, the Kingdom had (apparently) insignificant beginnings
However, the Kingdom has had incredible growth and impact.

We tend to choose Pre-Mill (things get worse and worse before Jesus returns)
                  or        Post-Mill  (things get better and better)

BUT  - Kingdom growth often includes BOTH ... at the SAME TIME
Example:  Roman Empire after the Resurrection! 
Question:  Did things get better and better??  Christina growth and influence
Or... things get worse?? - decadence and decay

ANSWER = Both.... at the same time!

Another example = Corinth.    Yet ... 1 Cor. 15:58

Final takeaway from all this??    Mark 4:33
"as much as they could understand"...

The disciples didn't understand everything He said, so you're not going to understand all He says
But .. the final issue is not one of understanding.  It's one of TRUST!!!

ie:  Will you TRUST Him ... even when you don't understand?  (it's called FAITH!!)
                as your SAVIOR?
                as your LORD  (Boss)?
                when you can see?
           and when you can't?

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