Monday, November 8, 2021

The Unpardonable Sin

 Mark 3:20-21 - "family"?  (as in NIV, ESV, NLT)                             
                          "friends"?  (as in KJV, NKVJ, NAS
                          "his relatives"?  (Phillips, Jerusalem Bible)
These translations not typically used of any of these!!  Literally = "those from His side" ... meaning is unsure, but know they were close to Him.  

Statement:  "out of His mind" = insane?  probably not.  Probably = beside Himself, not thinking straight.  Considering the constant pressure, He was in need of R & R!!   (This was NOT Jesus' situation)

But .. could be family!!  Mark 3:31-35 - Jesus didn't deny His family.  Just included others.
Question:  What family did He have?  Mark 6:3
Question:  Did they believe in Him??  John 7:1-5
       On one hand, they believed His miracles - nobody was denying these.
       However, Messiah?  Son of God?  (were they even aware of the Virgin Birth?)

BUT - after the Resurrection!!!  Acts 1:14 - brothers and family were NOW believers. 
(1)  Example: brother James = James the Just, leader of the church in Jerusalem.  Called "camel knees" because he spent so much time in prayer.  Author of the book of James, martyred in 62AD

(2)  Example:  brother Judas - Jude, author of Jude

The brothers came to believe and promote His gospel.  This = evidence of the Resurrection!!!

By contrast - (many religious leaders of the day ...Mark 3:22-30.
NOTE:  (1)  Jesus = healing and casting out demons ....  even His enemies admitted that!!!  Everybody in Jesus' time admitted to the miracles.

BUT (2)  some = so jealous of His success and zealous of their religious stance ... that they wouldn't (or couldn't) admit to the Presence, Power of the Holy Spirit in His life!!

Which led to... The Unpardonable Sin
- often defined as "Rejecting Christ" - which is unpardonable if not repented of in THIS life!!

But here appears to be ... attributing to Satan (what is clearly) the work of the Holy Spirit.!!

This is not talking about honest inquiry, questioning - example:  Nicodemus
This is more than a hard-core religious stance - example:  Paul before his conversion

This = (1)  a denial of the work of the Holy Spirit ... in spite of ...
                    (A)  external evidence  (healings, exorcisms)
                    (B)  internal evidence (promptings of the Holy Spirit within their hearts)
                    (C)  common sense reasoning (which Jesus uses here) -
                                        Illustration:  John the Baptist - Luke 7:20-22

AND (2)  Attributing that work  (of the Holy Spirit) to Satan!!
This = a settled condition, hardened heart - gone so far as to be incapable of faith
Compare:  Rom. 1:20-21, 28, 32

Question:  Why is this unpardonable???
Because God WON'T pardon ad forgive????
OR the offender WON'T seek pardon and forgiveness??  (either way = miserable state!!!)


#1.  You are probably not in danger of committing the "unpardonable sin". 
BUT, we are all prone to quenching, grieving, and resisting the Holy Spirit.  (these = Biblical terms used in the New Testament!)
Examples:  David and Bathsheba .... you and me!!    
Because His promptings OFTEN go contrary to our desires!!!  BUT .. His promptings are Always for good!  (ours and others)

#2.  Labeling evil as good and good as evil is nothing new..  - example:  today's social environment
          compare:  (1)  Jesus' day, this text    (2) Isaiah's da
y - Isa. 5:20-21   (3)  Adam and Eve - Gen. 3:1-5
in every age there will be .... seekers and believers... but also skeptics, detractors, even enemies of the Gospel.    BE AWARE!! Don't  be alarmed!!! - 1 Pet. 4:12, 1 Cor. 10:13

#3.  Entry into Jesus' family is available to ALL who will accept it!!  _ Mark 3:35 with "whosoever will may come"  - open to scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, tax collectors, sinners;  seekers, skeptics, detractors
BUT ... don't wait till the heart is hardened!!

#4.  Doing God's will consists first and foremost (primarily and most importantly) of accepting Jesus as  your Savior and Lord.
On one hand, nobody keeps His will perfectly - Rom. 3:23
However, Receiving Christ = the beginning, the basis, the doorway to the family of Jesus!!

But entry is more than agreeing, believing  "demons believe and tremble" ...
It is accepting, receiving, bowing the knew to, making the decision ad declaration  (cross the Bridge)

On one hand, rejecting Jesus and the Holy Spirit's call on your life is NOT unpardonable.  However, rejecting that call too long ... can lead to an "unpardonable" state.

Psalm:  "today.... if you hear His voice... do NOT harden your heart."
Is true of the initial call  (salvation)
Is true of the daily call (sanctification)

Closing Scripture:  John 1:11-13

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