Monday, November 22, 2021

Give Thanks

 John 1:16 - (refer to Nov. 25, 2019 sermon notes for Blessings List)

Because you are so blessed, you should.....

#1)  Be Grateful - Col. 2:6-7 - continue in Him - should overflow with attitude of gratitue

#2)  Give Thanks - attitude to action!!    Times action mentioned in Bible to times attitude mentioned = 50 to 1.
Example:  10 lepers - all were healed.  Undoubtedly all were very grateful to be healed.  BUT, only one came back to say Thank You!!  - Luke 17:11-19 - we are called to give thanks.

#3)  Give Thanks in proportion to your blessings.  Deut. 16:16-17

#4)  give thanks in midst of every situation.  1 Thess. 5:18 - (IN everything - not FOR everything!")
Because  (A) in all things God WORKS!  Rom. 8:28
               (B)  sometimes blessings come wrapped in the rags of a curse!!  - examples:  Jacob and angel; Paul and thorn in the flesh.

NOTE:  Heb. 13:15 - "Sacrifice ...."  because is not always easy!!  But, is always acceptable.  

#5)  Be willing to give thanks publicly.  Psm. 35:18,  Psm. 105:1


(1)  Giving thanks is a command - not an option - benefits us.

(2)  Giving thanks is a reasonable command - Rom. 13:7

(3)  Giving thanks is an action  (as well as an attitude)

(4)  Giving thanks is an act of worship - comes from weorth scibe = ascribe worth to.

(5)  Giving thanks is a testimony of your faith -
       a model for your kids
       a witness to the non-believer

(6)  giving thanks is a habit  (like whining, complaining, etc) 
     Point - it can be developed!

(7)  Giving thanks is contagious  (like whining, complaining)  Gen. 21:6 - Sarah @ 90

(8)  Giving thanks is healthy - Phil. 4:6-7
      contrast:  Rom. 1:21 - being unthankful is unhealthy


Some online dictionaries chart recent usage of a word.  Example "Blessing" (in English)

From 1800 to 2019, the usage has dropped considerably. 
Meaning what?  Why?

Not sure - But - we see American's increasing sense of Entitlement!!  - advertisements = "everyone deserves the best!!"
In other words:  (1)  Good things are my right!  It's what I deserve!!  (not a blessing but a basic Right!!)

AND......          (2)  it's God's JOB to give them to me!!!  (no need to thank Him for doing His job!!)


SUMMARY:   You Should Give Thanks!!!

Closing Scripture:  Psm. 89:1-2, 8

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