Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Calling of Matthew

 Mark 2:13-17

About Matthew:

(1)  he had 2 names - "Levi Son of Alphaeus" and "Matthew"

(2)  he was a Jew

(3)  he was a tax collector "publican" - collected from the 'public' - taxes went to Rome
Personal taxes?  interstate tariffs?  both?
his position = lucrative and secure!! - he was well to do.

(4)  he was considered a traitor  - collected from Israel for Rome.

(5) and an extortionist - because he collected over and above what was actually due.  The more charged the more he made!! 
(Question:  what did the other disciples think of Jesus' calling him?)

(6)  he was familiar with the Old Testament
(quotes if often in his gospel)

(7)  he was educated - shows knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  Was capable of writing the gospel account.

(8)  he was (eventually) chosen as an Apostle

(9)  he is the author of "the Book of Matthew" - the longest gospel

(10) tradition claims he was martyred for the faith - all the disciples except Judas Iscariot were martyred

The Text/Story - Mark 2:13-17

Additional accounts:  (1)  Matthew's own account - Matt. chapter 9
(2) Luke's additions: 
     A)  he left everything - Luke 5:28
     B) this was more than a 'dinner' - Luke 5:29
            a) "great banquet" - (men of means, were many there!
           b)  "for Jesus" ... to HONOR Him?
                                     to INTRODUCE Him?  was an evangelical banquet!

Question:  Was this his 1st encounter?
On one hand 1st. encounters did happen - example:  Philippian jailer - Acts 16
On the other hand, Jesus says "count the cost" ... think it through!  Use your head!
Make an intelligent decision, informed decision, considered decision.

Now ... look at teachings......found and/or illustrated here.

(1)  Jesus taught the people - Mark 2:13 - not just doing things - healing, feeding, etc.
Illustration:  a teaching church?  or an active church?
Answer = an Active church based on (determined by) God's Word - the sole authority for faith and practice.

(2)  Jesus' message and ministry is to ALL people!
Matthew = left wing liberal
Simon the Zealot = right wing radical
Jesus took in BOTH!!
But - He didn't call them to discuss and compromise...  rather He called them to ... FOLLOW HIM!!!

(3)  Jesus came to save sinners - Mark 2:17
Luke 19:10 - "seek and save"  John 3:17 - "not to condemn"

Problem (illustrated here) was Jesus was willing to save sinners
BUT ... Many refuse to recognize their sin
Luke 18:9-14
"I'm right!!" attitude.  (illustrated in the Beatitudes - blessed are.....?)

(4)  Jesus doesn't just call people to come (to Himself)....
Jesus calls people to come in repentance - Luke 5:31-32

the distinction??  (1)  Come to Jesus;
                          (2)  Come AS you are!!!
           BUT       (3)  Come with the intent of changing who you are!!!
Example:  today's easy evangelism!)
So.... He calls Matthew and Simon - "come as you are" does NOT mean "stay as you are!!!"
Come and let God change your heart, mind, actions, desires, worldview, etc.

Closing Scripture:  1 Tim. 1:15-17

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