Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sharing the Good News

 Col. 4:2-6  All of us have the responsibility of sharing the gospel.

Vs. 6 - conversation = speech, witness

(Using Paul's 'Prayer Requests' as a guideline for Personal Evangelism)

I.  Pray for opportunity  (to share the gospel)

Note:  Col. 4:3 - "that God may open a door for our message"
Point:  a place PRE-PLANNED by God  

So.... (A)  Pray for opportunity to share the gospel
        (B)  WATCH for that opportunity - be open to it, be perceptive to it

II.  Make the most of every opportunity (to share the gospel) - take advantage of the opportunity
Note: last part of vs. 5

so... I)  pray for and watch for opportunities
      II)  RESPOND to those opportunities  (ie:  share!)

Question:  Does sharing the gospel make you nervous?  hesitant? - Most Christians get that way.
See 1 Cor. 2:1-3  (this is the Apostle Paul)

III)  Pray for a clear presentation - of the gospel
examples:  Bridge illustration   Wordless book   Personal testimony = (I know.  I believe because of what I know)

"Objection!!  I just don't know enough!!"
Answer = If you are saved, then you know more than the lost person!!


(1) The gospel must be presented (in whatever form) - lifestyle is NOT enough!!  - Lifestyle doesn't say one thing about Christ dying for sins.

Therefore (2)  You must be prepared - NOT to answer every question!  But to answer why they should accept Christ. - 1 Pet. 3:15

Question:  What about ... Luke 12:11-12
Answer = Be prepared AND THEN let the Holy Spirit lead you!!

(3)  This is a Moral obligation - Col. 4:4 - last part ....."as I should"!!  - something you are supposed to do.

Add:  (4)  This is part of healthy Christian development - Philemon 6 

Note:  Your job = present the Gospel Clearly!!
Your job is NOT to save them!!!  

IV.  Be wise in your witness (ing) 

How???  (A)  Col. 4:6 - "full of grace" - 1 Pet. 3:15 b
the Gospel is offensive!!   That doesn't men you must be offensive!

             (B)  vs. 6 - "seasoned with salt" ???  palatable?  tasty?  pleasant? OR acceptable?? - not trying to win an argument, trying to win a soul.

Examples:  Jesus and Apostles - presented the Love of God without omitting the Judgment of God - they didn't take out the eternal judgment.

 Presenting the Gospel requires........

(1)  Personal willingness - you must decide if you will do it.

(2)  Personal preparation 
    mental preparation - 2 Tim. 2:15 - "study to show 'self approved..."
    spiritual preparation - because you are instrument of the Lord

(3)  The Presence and Assistance of the Holy Spirit
which is promised to those who will go!!! - Matt. 28:19-20 - "go an I'll go with you"

Bottom line = do you believe salvation, gospel makes a difference?    makes an Eternal difference?

Then.... why not more determined to share??
             why not more prepared to share??

Closing Scripture:  Matt. 9:35-38

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