Sunday, September 13, 2020

Col. 3:15-17

Colossians = "Put off, put on principle" - Paul writing to the church as a whole

Intro:  Col. 3:12-14 - lead up to today's text

Col. 3:15-17

I.)  Let Peace Rule  
Definition:  quietness within an individual
                 harmony withing the Body - (one another) (universal church)
Absence of tension, strife, feeling of contentment - "Rest"

Here = the Peace of Christ - ie:  the Peace He gives - John 14:27 - internal peace and calmmness in spite of what's going on around.

2 Observations:
                        (1)  let peace RULE - ie:  govern, decide, control, direct  (Greek word = referee, umpire of the games)
Point:  let His Peace .... Sway your decisions  (internal)
                                    determine your actions   (external)

                        (2)  LET peace Rule = allow/permit ... indicates choice!
Question:  How?  example:  someone tells you to stop worrying.  How do you stop worrying even if you want to?
Answer:  Phil. 4:6-7 - put off anxiety!!  BY  putting on prayer, petition, thanksgiving

Example:  We say:  "If I had His peace I could respond properly."
                He says:  "Respond properly and you'll have my peace!"

Note Also:  Col. 3:15 - "to this you are called" - ie:  peace within oneself and (context) Peace within the Body.  This peace should be a characteristic of Christian people.
Matt. 5:9 - "peace makers" - not peace lovers, preachers, seekers.

II.  Be Thankful - Col. 3:15, 16, 17 - written 3 times here.  7 times in Colossians, 50 times in Paul's writings!
"Give Thanks" = one of the most repeated commands in Scripture!!
Classic Text by Paul - 1 Thess. 5:16-18
Side note:  for every reference to "be thankful" 0 (attitude),
                there are 50 references to "give thanks"  (action!!!)  - Do it!!!
This is God's will for you - give thanks in all things.

III.  Let the Word dwell in you 
Dwell - (1) Be Present within you
            (2)  be at home within you
The idea = present and welcome!!! and at home.

This requires:  (1)  exposure to the Word - 2 Tim. 2:15
                      (2)  openness to the Word - contrast the Pharisees:  were well educated with the Word, but were not open to the Word when Christ presented the meaning to them.

Col. 3:16 - use the indwelling word .... to....
          (1)  teach one another - ie:  share knowledge, insights, experiences
          (2)  admonish one another = challenge to proper behavior

All of us have something to Offer
All of us have something to LEARN
         (3)  Worship with one another = "Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs"
Songs that:  inspire, instruct, challenge, encourage
And songs that ... HONOR GOD
Comparison:  Old Testament Sacrifice - Ex. 23:15 - no one is to come before God empty handed
                     New Testament Sacrifice - Heb. 13:15
On one hand, not all Christians are singers,
However, all Christians are worshipers
Question:  What do you BRING to the worship service?
When you come, do you bring Anything, or just come to get?   (Welfare Christian)  
Worship is not only about what we can receive.

IV.  Do all in His Name - Col. 3:17
Which  = Recognizing Him AS Lord
               Acknowledging His as your Lord - (personal)
                     in obedience/ in service
              Honoring Him
              Promoting Him
          by what you do, and by what you don't do....

So...... Let Peace Rule
           Be Thankful
           Let the Word dwell within
           Do all in His name

Next week = application of this within the Christian household!

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