Sunday, May 24, 2020

God's Plan for Marriage

'family' (generally) begins with Marriage

A general definition, description of Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman living together in an exclusive, intimate relationship ... with the intent of it being lifelong.

This = the Universal arrangement/practice
Yes ... there have always been exceptions.
BUT, this describes the Vast Majority of marital unions ... throughout history - in (nearly) every culture!

(1)  This seems inherent - 'written on the heart, woven into the fabric of our being'
(2)  This aligns (closely) with the Biblical Model which declares .....
        (A)  is designed by God
        (B)  was instituted by God  (established, arranged, setup)
       (C)  is a Blessing to mankind
       (D)  should be practiced according to His design!

So... God's Plan - Gen. 2:19-25  (the original blueprint)

        My Outline - (1)  1 man + 1 woman
                            (2)  leave
                            (3)  cleave
                            (4)  become
                            (5)  remain

#1.  One man + one woman living in Exclusive Intimacy (ie:  closeness/a familiarity shared with NO ONE ELSE)   that = (A)  Sexual - KJV - "Adam Knew Eve."
                              but    (B)  more than sexual

#2.  Leave - old primary relationship for a New primary relationship.  Doesn't mean abandon family but
= make spouse #1.    Note:  violations will hamper the Union!!

#3.  Cleave  (old English) = hold to, cling to, embrace
This = more than physical - "hold close to heart" - emotionally and relationally   Is the couple's work.
Is active verb - have to do it, work at it.

#4.  Become "one, 1 flesh" lives melded/souls knit.  This is God's work.  Happens even in bad marriages!  Matt. 19:4-6

#5.  Remain - Matt. 19 = Jesus' response to "divorce?" debate.  Yes!  law made provision/divorce ca be legitimate (sometimes necessary!)
BUT ... God's plan, heart, desire (will) = Marriage that lasts!

NOTE:  One person cannot do it..   Two people have to WORK at it.
             We all come short  (of what we should be).  Can't go back and change the past.  (must move forward!!)

BUT.... this = His Plan
            this = what we should work toward!

God's high view of Marriage also seen in fact that Marriage is used as the primary illustration of the Relationship between Christ and His Church!!
Eph. 5:25-33  (Is Paul talking about Man? or Christ & church? or BOTH!!)

(1)  Exclusive - "no other gods before me"  "jealous God"
      Intimacy -   Phil 4:10  "that I might Know Him"

(2)  leave .... old life/ old life style - no longer in love with philosophies of the world

(3)  cleave.... to New Lord, Master, LOVE!!

(4)  Become ... process of Sanctification - Eph. 5:25-28

(5)  Remain - "endure/persevere/remain faithful..."  hence church is called "Bride of Christ" 

Question:    Do we learn about Relationship with Christ by looking at Marriage?   OR, do we learn about Marriage by looking at Relationship with Christ???   
Answer:  BOTH!!  (or either way!)
Want to improve your marriage?  Look at Christ and the church.
Want to improve relationship with Christ?  look at Biblical marriage.

Both = important/sacred
Both ... can stand improvement  (development)
In BOTH ... when you improve.... you Benefit!!


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