Sunday, May 17, 2020

Becoming a Man of Excellence

Last week = "Prov. 31 Woman" - (virtuous, wife of noble character, 'Woman of Excellence')

Is there a corresponding passage for men???

On one hand is a lot of material scattered through-out Scripture, however, is no chapter (outlined in the text)

Question:  If marriage and family = so important, they why NOT more chapters, lengthy teachings, texts, etc. regarding it?

Answer:  Scripture is not Primarily a handbook on marriage and family, (or money, or leadership, or government, etc.)  There are a great deal of texts that you can go to on these things, but

Scripture is Primarily a Revelation of
 1)  God' Character - what He's like, and
 2)  God's will - what He wants (for us)

AND what He wants  (first and foremost) is not Godly husbands, Godly fathers, Godly families.
What He wants (first and foremost) = GODLY PEOPLE!! - the foundation for being a Godly father/mother

Example:  Mal. 2:15 - addresses Godly husband, father, family, but begins with .... Godly person!!  (man)

Picture a pyramid divided horizontally into three sections.  Person at bottom, partner in middle, parent at top.
Application is simple:  if you want to develop 'self as Godly partner, Godly parent, begin by developing self into Godly person!

Observations - #1:  You needn't master tier 1 before building tier 2 & 3.  Can build the tiers simultaneously.
BUT cannot develop 2 and 3 without 1.  (base)  (Can't be a good person without being a Godly person.)

                      #2.  To heighten the pyramid ... broaden the base.  (to add volume, mass  "edify")
So....steps, ingredients to developing this model, to building this pyramid

Basic stuff but need to review.

Becoming a Man (or woman, child) of Excellence (according to Biblical definition)
begins with:
I.  Acceptance of God's plan (will) for you!   Which includes accepting that
            (1)  He has a plan - a will, design for yu (as a man/woman/child)
            (2)  He has revealed that plan - not entirely, but sufficiently - 2 Pet. 1:3 -  Doesn't answer every question but you have what you need to develop.
and      (3)  that plan includes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior   Example:  John 14:1, 6

 IF you are rejecting/refusing God's Son/ Christ  THEN you are NOT accepting God's plan for you.  You can use the principles to make your life better.  But, that's not His plan.

So... I.  accepting God's plan

       II.  Exposure to that plan!
IF are willing to follow His plan then gotta know the plan!!

If His plan is revealed in His Word, then  gotta study the Word!
This = (1) more than a sermon a week!
         (2)  Bible = primary (and sufficient) 2 Pet. 1:3
but    (3)  Extra Biblical material is helpful!!!  (should be Biblical in its base)

     III. Self-Examination - Requires Brutal Honesty!!
Because:  (1)  We don't fix what we don't see as broken
               (2)  only you can examine the heart
and         (3)  we are (all) easily deceived!!   Jer. 17:9  We are extremely adept at it.

The measure?  Scripture, Holy Spirit within, Godly brothers and sisters - NOT HOW YOU FEEL!

The balance?  Seeing the shortcomings without being devastated by the shortcomings - God's intent is to correct and improve!!

Self examination requires Re-examination!! "Remember!  be careful!  don't forget!  - we need to be re-challenged

    IV.  Practice - doing it time and again.
Which = (1) to put into action what you know  _ John 13:17
AND     (2)  "to perform regularly in order to improve proficiency!!"  - Heb. 5:14

This all = very basic, fundamental, nothing new

BUT - deserves attention because it IS basic and fundamental.  ie:
     (1)  can't build the pyramid without the base!
     (2)  if you want to heighten the pyramid, you need to broaden the base!

so.. as we study "marriage and family"  (1) we cannot set aside what we've looked at in Rom. 1 to 11.
and  (2)  you cannot (truly) develop your skills as Godly partner, Godly parent, without addressing your need to become a Godly person!

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