Sunday, January 5, 2020

Romans Cont. - Our Future Hope

Review:  (from 11/17/19)

The Bad News = all have sinned and are separated  (Chap. 1-3)

The Good News = forgiveness & reconciliation available (in Christ) - (Chap. 4-7a)
Illustration:  The Bridge (Christ on the cross) - bridge does not save you.  Gives opportunity to be saved.

The Ongoing Struggle of the believer( child of God)  with SIN - (Chap. 7b)

The Presence and Assistance of the Holy Spirit - both with you and within you. - beyond the ongoing struggle, we have the assistance of the Holy Spirit

Our Future Hope - Rom. 8:16-17
Note:  how "suffering" keeps coming up!
Point = Christ suffered and we'll suffer!!  Are not exempt from suffering because we are a Christian

Will suffer because:
#1.  We live in a fallen world!
#2.  As Christians, we stand against the world!  (ie:  the "world view") - 2 Tim. 3:12
#3.  We have a Spiritual adversary - 1 Pet. 5:8  ie:  Satan

BUT - though you suffer Now.... you'll be compensated then!  Rom. 8:18, 2 Cor. 4:17

So:  Summary so far:
The Bad News
The Good News
The Ongoing Struggle
Our Present Help - Holy Spirit
Our Future Hope

Salvation is behind us and heaven before us,
BUT we live ..... in between!!!
(Compare:  war bride - married yet without the experience of marriage!)

Ever struggle with Christian life?  no just Sin but everyday life?
Ever struggle to maintain Christina attitude, outlook?
You are not alone in frustrations.

Creation groans  in frustration and anticipation - Rom. 8:19-22

The Believer Groans in frustration and anticipation - Rom. 8:23-25

The Holy Spirit groans in frustration and anticipation - Rom. 8:26-27.  He knows what is needed, knows the mind of our spirit

Point:  Life had struggles, Christian life has struggles, BUT
(1)  this is not unusual - 1 Cor. 10:13 - that's the norm
(2) it is not a sin to groan in frustration - 1/3 of the book of Psalms = laments.  Laments = evidence of faith!!
(3)  Hope waits = Rom. 8:25 with Heb. 11:1
true faith waits, we wait with patient endurance

This text is "sandwiched" between 2 great scripture verses:
Rom. 8:18 = you'll be compensated THEN
Rom. 8:28 = He'll use all things for good Now

Closing Scripture:  2 Thess. 2:13-17

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