Monday, January 27, 2020

Romans - Chapter 9 Introduction

So far:  Bad News, Good News, Ongoing Struggle, Holy Spirit Assistance.

Now = change of subject.
Rom. 9:1-5 - Paul's Sorrow - Israel's heritage
God chose and raised up Israel to:
        (1)  Reveal Himself to the world  (special revelation)
        (2)  to be the people group through whom the Christ (Greek, Messiah - Hebrew) would come.
We owe the Jewish nation a huge debt.  That is Christians' roots.

Yet - Israel (largely) Rejected this Christ and His message.  To the point of having him crucified.

So..... did God's word fail?  Was His plan thwarted?
Rom. 9:6-8 - not all who are descended from Israel are Israel.

Point being:  "God's people" (the group) NOT determined by Ethnic origin.  But by belief/faith ... in God and in His Messiah.
Compare:  John 8:37-47

So:  Question:  Is God Done with Israel?   are they still "the chosen"?

Group #1:  DONE - the new "people group" is the church  (often called "the New Israel")

          #2:  NOT DONE = will be used again - probably near the End Times.  Example:  Rom. 11:25-27
(This view bolstered by Israel's return in 1948)

Either Way:
(1)  God is Sovereign - and will act according to His wisdom/ plan

(2)  God is NOT obligated to our interpretation(s).   God will do as HE decides to do.
(example:  end times teachers)

(3)  This (like many other things) is a Mystery!!
Rom. 11:25, 33-34

Now.......... in the middle of this 3 chapter discussion, Paul returns to his point of the 1st. 6 chapters.
ie:  "Salvation is available to all who believe"  (Jew and Gentile alike)  This is the real issue.

Rom. 3:23 - all sinned and are separated from God
Rom. 3:24 - all can be justified by grace

This = reminder ... that amidst many valid studies of Various issues, let's not lost sight of:

(1)  the Main message  (individual salvation through Christ)
(2)  the Primary mission  (make disciples for Christ)
Rom. 10:5-15  (Vs. 9 & 10)

I.  The Main Message remains simple
here = "believer, confess, trust"
Examples:  John 3:16, 11:25, 1:11-12
Is as simple as Bridge Illustration
        simple as ABC - Admit - Believe - Confess

Non-believer often uses complexities and mysteries to avoid the core issue --- but we will answer for the core issue!!  ie:  where to you stand with Christ?

II.  The Primary Mission remains simple
Matt. 28:19-20
= witness  baptize  teach  train  equip  send  support

to this we are called   - example:  our logo - CP2G  (connecting people to God)
to this You (the individual) are called
(generally fulfilled within the context of the New Testament church!)

So ... we will explore Chapters 9 - 11 and will look for relevance and personal application.  

But let's not lose sight of (1) the Main message  (individual salvation)
                                     (2)  the Primary mission  (discipleship)
AND the application of these ...... to You (personally)

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