Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Holy Spirit

So far in Romans - bad news = all sin and are separated from God
                           - good news = in Jesus Christ there is forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God

So --- have a new standing with God, but the still have same struggle with sin!   Rom. 7:15-25

NOW Paul presents a new helper --- THE HOLY SPIRIT - to help with this struggle
(Note:  chapters 1-7 of Romans - "spirit" only mentioned 43 times.  Chapter 8 "spirit" mentioned 21 times with new emphasis!)

Who is this Holy Spirit?  - He works within us to help with the battle against sin.
(1)  The Spirit of God  (often Christ, truth, eternal spirit, etc.)
(2)  3rd. member of the Trinity - (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit) - 3 persons, one being.
(3)  living within the Believer!!

Quick look back to John 14:15-17 - day of Jesus' arrest.  Some last words:
(1)  another counselor (comforter, advocate) - like Jesus
(2)  to be with you - (in Jesus' absence - because He's leaving them tomorrow)
And: (3)  to be IN you!!   John 14:25-26 - New dispensation

Indwelling Holy Spirit to Assist in the struggle against Sin.  (see Rom. 8:1-17)
How does the Holy Spirit assist (in this struggle)?

#1.  He leads  (guides)
#2.  He illuminates  (light - gives new perspective)
#3.  He enables (strength) - ability
#4.  He assures - faith  (confidence in God)
Look for these in Rom. 8:1-17  (Rom. 8:8 = one of the strongest vs. in the Bible)

Holy Spirit's ministry = not just change you, but grow you into what you should be.  This process = sanctification.

This list = some of the Spirit's work within you.  - leading, lighting, encouraging, enabling

PROBLEM!!!  This is something HE does (within you)
However, He doesn't do it without your cooperation!
example:  Rom. 8:13  ".."(you) put to death..." = Do it!!  " ...By the Spirit"
A blend of (1) "Do" and (2)  "Let it be done to you"

Illustration:  on a lake - in a sailboat - no paddle, no motor, no oars.
Told to "go to shore!"
On one hand, you can't do it without WIND - the power is the wind
However, you must raise the sail, man the rudder, wait for the wind!!

Holy Spirit is faithful (will do His part)

Your part?

#1.  Position yourself for wind - places Holy Spirit is known to move.  ie:  the Word, quiet time, prayer, church
Must put yourself in a position to hear, feel, be moved

#2.  Be Open - attitude, heart and mind preparation.
IF He moves - are you OK with that??
IF He doesn't move - are you OK with that??  - many saints experienced what they called "The dark night of the soul" - example:  Job

#3.  Be Discerning - 1 John 4:1 (measure against the Word) - not every spirit that moves us is the Holy Spirit.

#4.  Be Responsive = Obedience - John 13:17

#5.  WAIT ... IMPATIENTLY!! - ie.  a healthy tension between
          A.  trusting God to work  (move)
and     B.  longing (anxiously waiting) for Him to work  (move)

Sometimes real growth is slow, so we wait impatiently!!

Closing Scripture:  Phil. 1:3-6


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