Monday, November 18, 2019

The Holy Spirit and Our New Standing

Rom. 1 through 7 = Sin & separation, forgiveness and reconciliation
Example:  Bridge Illustration.

Chapter 8 = New Emphasis...... ie:  The Holy Spirit (used 4 times in chap. 1-7, 21 times in chap. 8)

Chapter 8 is considered by many theologians to be the richest book of the Bible.

Last week = How the Holy Spirit assists in our struggle - on-going battle against sin. (Christian walk)
Today = How the Holy Spirit helps us grasp (clarify, emphasize) our new Standing with God.
Because NOW we are more than forgiven, restored to His Presence.  That  = what happened!
NOW = a child of God!!  - relational status, not just legal status.

(1)  A Child by (new) birth = John 3:1-7
More than a fresh start.  = new life beginning!!!
(born again, born anew, born from above)

(2)  A Child by adoption - Gal. 4:4-7  (NIV, NAS)
adoption Both legal and relational!! - we are adopted by the Father.

(3)  with a loving Father
on one hand this is not new to the Jews
However, Jesus takes it to new level!!  - Luke 11:1-2
(Luke 15 = Prodigal Son.  Illustratrates a loving Father!!) - this often overlooked

All people = children of God (in His image, under His care)
However, is a special status for Believers - John 1:10-13 - very mysterious situation
The relationship with God is different for believers than for unbelievers.

So... NOW - Rom. 8:12-17

A Child of God?  A share of (in) the Kingdom??
How can I Know this?  be sure of it???

In the past, could use the 4H Test -
          head - examine your decision (to accept Christ)
          heart - examine your affections (for the things of God)
         hands - examine your actions (behavior, lifestyle)
         health - examine your growth (transformation)

TO this Paul adds:
#1.  to whom do you cry? - Rom. 8:15  when hurt, confused, lonely
Who you turn to tells me who you belong to!!  This is evidence of new birth.
Our struggle with sin is evidence of our relationship with God.

#2.  To whom do you listen? - Rom. 8:16  who can best comfort you?  console you? - (We're not talking about anything you can actually put your finger on.)

#3.  to whom will you turn? - (look to?  trust?)  when have said "goodbye" to all HERE,  who will you look to?  Rom. 8:17

Eph. `:12-14 - branded with the Holy Spirit.  with the deposit (earnest) comes a guarantee!!  - The Holy Spirit is the guarantee!
With the guarantee comes confidence, assurance, comfort --- FAITH!!

Closing Scripture:
1 John 3:2

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