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Book of Romans - so far - Bad News = all sinned and are separated from God.  (relationship is shattered)
                                      - Good News = in Christ there is forgiveness and reconciliation

Rom. 5:1-2 - we have peace - many people claim to have this but is from their perspective, not God's

Paul already pointed out the extent of Sin - Rom. 3:23
No he expands on the subject.
Sin involves ALL people.  The entire bible deals with sin - from Eden to Revelation.

DEFINITION:  SIN = any transgression (violation) of God's law(s)
                                = any lack of conformity to God's law(s).
(Sins of commission and sins of omission)

God's Will therefore =
(1) action
(2)  in-action
(3)  Attitude  (example:  covet, adultery in heart)
(note:  boundaries are for protection NOT suppression) - example:  Adam and Eve and the serpent
God is NOT trying to keep us from enjoying life, but to enjoy it to the fullest according to His design and plan)

Paul points out (here) 2 problems we have with sin:

#1.  We all commit sins - compare  1 John 1:8, 10

#2.  We all inherit a sin nature / a tendency toward sin
ie:  Adam and Eve sinned - and it affected them in such a way as to pass that on to their offspring!!
(The Bible doesn't address 'HOW' - simply states as fact!)

More Bad News!!!  ie:  born with sin nature!!

But .... Good News = what God accomplished in Christ (grace of God, gift of God) FAR EXCEEDS the sins of Adam and Eve and all mankind!
ie:  God's GIFT is greater than man's TRESPASS!! 

Rom. 5:12, 15-19 - no matter how big the sin and damage of that sin, the gift far exceeds it.

What's wrong with this world?
Biblical Answer = SIN
ie:  Sin is the problem with government, neighbor, marriage, YOU!!

I)  Sin disrupts all peace and harmony - example:  Adam and Eve and their relationship with God ... one another ... themselves

II)  Sin has disrupted the creation - Gen. 3:17-18  (Rom. 8:20-21)
(again - no explanation as to 'how' .... only stated as fact.

THE REMEDY?    According to:

1)  the naturalist - "no God, no law, no problem"--- BUT there clearly IS a problem!!! - sin, evil, suffering

2)  the deist/universalist - "win exists BUT WE CAN FIX IT!!
ie:  through education and progress will eventually fix social ills and physical defects!

3)  Biblical View - the remedy is found in Christ - who defeated sin and died to eliminate sin and all the effects of sin!

I.)  He has already delivered us from the Penalty of Sin - we have redemption.
   (past tense - Justification)

II.)  He IS delivering us from the Power of Sin - (present tense - Sanctification - Romans chapters 6,7,8)

III.)   He will deliver us from the Presence of Sin in the end.  (future tense - Glorification)
   (the Restoration will be Beyond Eden)

According to the Bible:  "the process has begun, is ongoing, and will certainly find completion."

So .......... My part??   Your part??   Application?  Response?

#1.  Examine the Biblical Worldview
On one hand, it won't answer all your questions.
However, it answers more than alternative views.

#2.  Recognize and Admit your part in all this - ie:  Your Sin is part of the problem!!

#3.  Recognize and Admit your need  Example:  Step #1 in A.A. = "I'm an alcoholic".  Step #1 in salvation = "I am a sinner and I can't fix it."

#4.  Accept Christ  (as Savior)  John 1:10-13
Receive forgiveness, start anew, be 'born again'

#5.  Follow Christ  (as Lord)  which = "live for Him according to His law/rules ... preview ... Rom. 6:12-13

#6.  Promote Christ = evangelism, discipleship.  shape the world, build the Kingdom
(is ongoing task - because Every generation must be evangelized anew!!

#7.  Wait for Christ in faith - final redemption will be at His return.
Rev. 6:9-11 - The Kingdom is NOW .. but NOT YET!!    It's not over.  God is in control.  Be assured the it will come to pass.

Closing Scripture:  1 Tim. 1:15-17

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