Sunday, October 13, 2019

Battling Sin

So far in Romans..... why we need Salvation, How we obtain Salvation, and (some of) what we acquire at Salvation.  Example:  bridge illustration

Now.... How are we to live AFTER Salvation??
(last week "Sin" - again this week with additional perspective)

Sin = any transgression (violation) of God's law(s)
Also = any lack of conformity TO God's law(s).
ie:  sins of commission and omission.
Anything outside God's will = sin
Anything that should be inside God's will  = sin

In Addition:  Sin is often portrayed as a Presence!!
On one hand, is NOT (exactly) alive, NOT (exactly) a personality.
However, clearly a FORCE, Power, Energy which leads to persuasive, coercive, oppressing, demanding, relentless, strong
This is NOT Satan - no mention of Satan or demons in this text, although he makes use of this "force".

So.... "Sin" is NOT Satan or a demon, but is far MORE than breaking rules, regulations, boundaries, limits
Rom. 7:21
Is something NOT alive but Almost Alive?!  And YOU must fight against it!!!

IN this battle (and in this text) Paul emphasizes:
For the Christian --
(1)  You are (now) dead to Sin - sin is not dead to you.
Therefore, you don't have to respond to it.

(2)  You (now) have a new Master - the Lord Jesus Christ (have accepted Jesus and Savior and Lord)
are no long in bondage to/obligated to sin.

(3)  You are (now) a new man (person) = Born Again (new beginning, new start)
There has been a MAJOR INTERNAL change which should manifest itself in External behavior.  ie:  "fruit".
This "fruit" should match the change.

BUT!!!  The old man still persists!  demanding attention, seeking to dominate
AND you must (now) battle against that!!  (against him!!)
Col. 3:9-10 - off with the old, on with the new.    Eph. 4:22-24 - have to actively do this.

Important distinction:  on one hand you are dead to Sin!!   However, Sin is not dead to you!!  He'll pursue!!

In Rom. 6 we find a number of considerations in dealing with sin --- one of the most important =

"Reckon" - Rom. 6:11  *consider/calculate*
This = a mathematical term!  to calculate, tally, add up, compute, ... use your head.
Point??  "Add up all I've told you.  The Sum is You don't have to RESPOND to Sin!!"

Rom. 6:1-23 - You are never your own master.  We will serve someone.  Biblical choices = Christ or Sin/Satan

You need to combat this "sin" (presence, power) with:

(1)  A new beginning  "Born Again" - change of who you are
2 Cor. 5:17 - why are you acting like what you were?
1 Cor. 6:11

(2)  A Spiritual awakening - Holy Spirit enters heart and something happens.  1 Cor. 2:9-12

(3)  right thinking - new knowledge and insight leads to changed mind leads to changed heart and changed hands!!.

(4)  a reckoning - add it up!!  tally!  calculate.
From Christian (Biblical) viewpoint - ALL SIN IS IRRATIONAL!!!

(5)  an offering ... ie:  of self ... TO God.  Rom. 12:1

(6)  an active, intentional pursuit of righteousness
Example:  Jesus - "why call me Lord, Lord and Not DO...."
               Paul = "Put off / Put on " - (lay down, take up) = action!

Christianity is more than head and heart ... it = HANDS!!

(7)  repetition - This is not a 1 time decision!!  (over and over again)
On one hand, you are NOT alone when you battle sin...
(have Scripture, knowledge - Divine Presence - Holy Spirit - church body)

However, you must decide what you are going to do with sin.
You must act ... Repeatedly!!!

Closing Scripture:  Rom. 8:12-14

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