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1st, Thessalonians (continued)

Review:  Paul's 2nd. missionary journey - led to Thessalonian successful church start  (in only three weeks?)

BUT - opposition led to a riot to Paul being sent away.
Timothy was sent back and stayed - to ground new Christians and establish the church - probably there a year and a half..

Eventually Timothy goes to Paul (at Corinth) with a good report!!  So.... Paul writes 1st. letter to church at Thessalonia.
to:  (1)  Commend them  (doing a great job!)
      (2)  Encourage them (because opposition will continue and likely will increase)
      (3)  Correct them and (4) instruct them because a) they're New Christians - have never heard the message before  b)  they were raised in a pagan culture   c)  there was no New Testament

SO (example:)  1 Thess. 4:1-2

Note:  some instructions merit long passages  ie:   (sexual purity/ brotherly love/ Lord's return - they were confused about that)

Others = Simple/ easy to grasp; common knowledge - therefore, brief in presentation:

1 Thess. 5:12-22 - my count = 16 separate instructions in 11 verses!
Will look at a few -- briefly --

#1.  Respect your leaders  (elders, teachers, etc.)
       description - 1 Thess. 5:12 - reason - 1 Thess. 5:13  - not because of the title or position, but because of the Work!  (Due!!)

#2.  Live in Peace
Question:  this is the guy who incited riots?? example:  Phillip --> Thessalonia -->  Berea!!

Qualify - Rom. 12:18  (as far as depends on you)
Add Jesus - Matt. 5:9 = (peace MAKERS!)
Note:  Eph. 4:3 - (every EFFORT!!  because it's not easy!!)
Willing to do what's necessary to try and make peace.

#3.  Warn the Idle - already dealt with it - 1 Thess. 4:11-12
                               will see it again - 2 Thess. 3

Paul address (un-necessary_ idleness as:  (not those that can't work, but those that won't) 
  (1)  a MORAL issue
  (2)  not befitting of Christians/ unwarranted behavior

#4.  Encourage the timid - (fainthearted, easily discouraged)
Example:  Words = power to put courage IN, take courage OUT 
             Prov. 18:2 - power of life and death in the tongue
             Psm. 141:3
             Eph. 4:29
             Matt. 12:35-37 - words have the power of life and death

#5.  Help the weak
Obviously - physically weak.  Here probably = Morally weak!!
Rom. 15:1   Gal. 6:1 (help the weak)
Is a fine line between can't and won't.  Some people are just weak, can't seem to make right moral
Which leads to.........

#6.  Be patient  (with everybody!!!)
      often = "long suffering" which = suffer long before you snap!!!
                 "even tempered" - don't get bent out of shape
if can't  be patient within ... do so without!!

#7.  Don't Retaliate - (don't return wrong for wrong!)  
Model = Jesus who said - "turn other cheek", go extra mile"
                        who did - "Father forgive them..."
Note:  1 Pet. 3:9 - "called"

#8.  Be Kind - warmhearted, affectionate, considerate, caring, thoughtful, sympathetic...
in a word? - "gracious" - granting grace, undeserved favor!
Eph. 4:32
Gal. 6:10
Matt. 25:31-40

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