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The Messianic Psalms

Have done, Praise, Thanksgiving, Lament, Cursing, Wisdom, Penitential.
Today - Messianic Psalms = looking forward to the Anointed One (Messiah), Christos in Greek.
Psalm 2:1-12  = David?  future? kings?  THE KING? 

Jews looked for THE ANOINTED ONE - the Promised one.  (deliverer, savior, ruler, leader)

The Messianic Psalms = psalms that 1)  anticipate this Messiah
2)  predict specific events concerning His coming

11 New Testament books quote from the Messianic Psalms with at least 70 specific references to His coming fulfilled in Jesus' life.
Predictions of Messiah in Psalms:
1.  will come from lineage of David
2.  will be called (by God) while still in the womb
3.  will come for ALL people
4.  be called "the Son of God"
5.  will call God His "Father"
6.  will be God's "Only Begotten" Son
7.  will be called "King of the Jews"
8.  will be "The Stone the builders rejected"
9.  will be a priest after the order of Melchizedek
10.  will be both Lord and King
11.  will be eternal
12.  will do His Father's will
13.  will communicate a message of mercy
14.  will be angered by unethical priests and political leaders
15.  will act in Righteousness!
16.  will be despised and rejected by His own
17.  will have religious and political opposition
18.  will be abandoned by His disciples
19.  will be mocked
20.  will be silent before his accusers
21.  will be executed (crucified)
22.  will be watched by Gentiles at execution  (executed by Gentiles)
23.  will be pierced in hands and feet  (crucifixion)
24.  will have His garments distributed by lots!!
25.  will feel forsaken by God  (Psalm 22:1)
26.  will thirst while dying
27.  will have no bones broken
28.  will spill blood and water at His death
29.  will not experience bodily corruption  (Resurrection)
30.  will be Resurrected
31.  will ascend back into heaven
32.  will be exalted to God's right hand 

(this list is about half of what is usually listed!!)

Some examples of New Testament quotes from Old Testament psalms.
Acts 2:24-27  (from Psm. 16:8-10)
John 19:28-29  (from Psalm 69:21)
Mark 12:10-11   (from Psalm 118:22-23)
Acts 4:25-27  (from Psalm 2:1-2)
Matt. 22:41-45  (from Psalm 110:1-2)

The CLASSIC Messianic Psalm = Psm. 22:1-19  - Is the one most people remember - the One who suffered and died for us.

Question:  What is the Practical Value?  What can be taken away for daily use

#1.  The Messianic Psalms offer special insights concerning our Messiah/Savior.  We see things about Christ that we may not see elsewhere.
ie:  His character, attitude, relationship with the Father, ministry to us.

Example:  What distinguishes this God from pagan gods??
ANSWER:  willing to suffer for us!!  Pagan gods don't do this.
So... Heb. 10:3-7  (from Psalm 40:6-8)

#2.  Therefore, the Messianic Psalms = ideal for worship.  ie:  we declare His worth in poetry, verse, song
So, Psalm 22:1-21 = lament, BUT, Psalm 22:25-28 = praise and worship.
This sets apart Christian worship.
(of all the Messianic Psalms, most well known are NOT about His majesty, glory, rule, but are about His suffering .... for us!!)

#3.  The Messianic Psalms offer us additional confidence in the Word.  are many specific prophecies fulfilled -1000 years before his coming!

So ... Paul - 2 Tim. 3:16-17 - Scripture = reliable, = practical

#4.  The Messianic Psalms offer us confidence in our Christ (Savior, Redeemer)

Question:  who's your greatest enemy?  - "Yourself!!"
Question:  Who'll save you from that enemy?  - Matt. 1:21

Note:  The Biblical term for "Confidence" = FAITH  -  Heb. 11:1

Could add:
#5.  Messianic Psalms offer us an example, a model, one to imitate

WWJD - really what should I do?

Last word on this from Paul - Phil. 2:5-13

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