Monday, September 17, 2018

The History Psalms

Definition:  a part of Israel's history (story) in poetry/song

But .. more than history!  = History with a POINT!! - not just a song for entertainment.

Within the history psalms the reader can see:
    (1)  God's work & presence among the people of Israel
    (2)  Glimpse God's character - not just WHAT He does, but WHO He IS!!
    (3)  Learn of their spiritual heritage
    (4)  Find challenges to personal behavior

The above = true of Israel, also true of us!!

Example:  Psalm 78:9-72 = the story.  Vs. 9 referencing the battle with the Philistines when the Ark of the Covenant was captured.
                Psalm 78:1-8 = the point - so they don't repeat the history

Themes = creation, Exodus, wandering, conquest, settling
Also, the peoples' repeated rebellion Y God's faithfulness to His covenant promises.

Example:  Psm. 105:11-17 - the (partial) story.            
                Psm. 105:1-7 - the point - make known what He has done.

This = history with a Point!!  Put in story form to remind us and teach us.

Is obvious how this = helpful to Israel, but, question:  HOW are the History Psalms beneficial to you and I today?

#1.  The History Psalms allow us to see God's actions (works)  
POINT:  He is not absent or inactive.  AS He worked with them, SO He'll work with me.
Phil. 1:6 = God is always active with His people.

#2.  The History Psalms give us a glimpse of God's Character
ie:  more that what He does ... = what He's like!!

In the History Psalms we see God's faithfulness, mercy, long suffering, forgiveness, but ALSO His intolerance of Rebellion & sin!!

So.... seeing His (glorious) character should therefore:

#3.  incite worship - ascribe worth to
ie:  wonder, awe, reverence & Response
Example:  Psm. 136:1-26

#4.  The History Psalms should serve to help me remember - ie:  review PAST events to help me properly address my current situation!
Example:  in Deuteronomy, repeated over and over - "remember, be careful, don't forget...."  Point being:  we forget - especially in times of blessings.
Compare us:  Heb. 2:1
(also to help me remember how much I;m like them!!  Illustration:  Psalm 106:47, 4-5

#5.  The History Psalms should challenge my devotions and decisions. (as presented to successive generations) 
History Psalms said:  A)  these are your ROOTS!! - you have no control over that.
                                B)  what will by your FRUITS?  - that's your decision.

My heritage partly makes me who I am, but I must decide what my output will be.

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