Monday, July 30, 2018

The Psalms and Thanks Giving

Psm. 100:1-5

#1.  God's people are called to be a thankful people.  ie:  to Recognize who He is and Acknowledge His goodness, graciousness toward us.

#2.  God's people are called to GIVE THANKS!!   The difference = attitude vs. action  
      A)  Biblical references to "be thankful" vs "give thanks" = 50 to 1!!!
      B)  The most often used word in conjunction with "thanks" = "GIVE"

In Psalms = "give thanks..........   for:  Material blessings
"in song                                             relational blessings
"in the great assembly                        national blessings
"and call on His name                       Spiritual blessings

"and praise His name                        current blessings - what's happening now
"for His righteous laws                      past blessings - what has been done
"because Hi is good                          future blessings - what He's going to do
"to Him forever

Summary:  Psm. 118:28-29  I should give thanks because:
      1)  I'm blessed!!!
      2) I'm blessed By HIM!! - not by an impersonal universe!!
      3)   I'm blessed beyond my ability to procure (life, health, family, talents, opportunities, freedoms)
      4)  I'm blessed beyond what I deserve   (contrast with 'entitlement' attitude)

In Psalms - blessings are often listed in generic form.
Therefore, many people/generations can use them as their own.   (was David's, now mine!)

Example:  Psm. 1-7:1-32
       Intro:  Vs. 1-3   *give thanks because He is good!!!
let the redeemed say this!!! = those He's redeemed.... those He's gathered.....

     1st. Verse - Vs. 4-9  some of those He redeemed ....    wandered, lost, unsettled ... they cried, He delivered!!   (vs. 8)  let them give thanks

    2nd. Verse - Vs. 10-16 - some of those He redeemed .... sat in darkness, prisoners, enslaved by their own doing!!  .... they cried/ He saved them.   (vs. 15) let them give thanks

    3rd. Verse - Vs. 17-22  - some of those He redeemed .... rebelled!! became fools and suffered AT HIS HAND!!  (eventually....) they cried out, He saved them   (vs. 21)  let them give thanks

   4th. Verse - Vs. 23-32  - Some of those He redeemed ......  found themselves in great peril @ nature's hand!!  (life's circumstances)  .... they cried out/ He brought them through
(vs. 31)  let them give thanks.

  Conclude by combining closing line verse opening lines ... ie:  Vs. 43 ---> Vs. 1-3 - let them Praise and Give Thanks!!

On one hand thanksgiving - easy, natural amidst great blessings
However, it becomes SACRIFICE when offered amidst great loss, great trial 

Concept:  1 Thess. 5:18
Examples:  Dan. 6:10, Matt. 26:26-27, Acts 27:35

Opposite of thankful?? - Thankless!!!
Opposite of give thanks?? - withhold thanks!!   Rom. 1:21-22 - extremely unhealthy

The average person is not thankless in attitude, BUT often is in practice
Compare the 10 lepers - Luke 17:11-19

Clearly - Biblical view of giving thanks = (1)  right and proper  and  (2)  healthy!!
Note:  your thanksgiving does not Profit God!!!
Rather ... profits you and those around you!!!

Challenge:  (1)  examine your level of thankfulness (attitude) and .. your level of thanksgiving  (action)

                  (2)  develop both!!!

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