Monday, July 23, 2018

The Psalms and Praise

Review:  longest book?  Most often read Old Testament book?  the book most often quoted in the New Testament?  by Jesus?

Book of Psalms = several authors gathered over many years.  (Moses up to past exile.  roughly 1000 years)  Was the ancient Hebrew Hymnal. 
How different from our hymnals of today?  (Was inspired = true view of God!!)  Acts 4:25
Hymnals are made up of songs inspired artistically, but no necessarily Biblically!

Categories: - Praise, Thanksgiving, Complaint, Cursing, Messianic, etc.   BUT All = Worship!!!  Of YHWH  - (LORD)


Praise (noun) = verbal, vocal, audible, visible adoration - recognition of His goodness, majesty, mercy, etc.
(verb) = to express admiration, appreciation, to commend, compliment, applaud
Common Biblical words include:  exalt, extol (His virtues), glorify, bless & give praise to Him.

Psalm = poetry & song ie:  Praise put to Music
(in other words:  praising YHWH for --- who He IS and What He DOES!!  (has done, is doing, will do)

Examples:  the last 5 psalms:
Psalm 146:1, 2, 10, 147:1, 148:1-13, 149:1-5, 150:1-6

In Scripture we are:
(1)  instructed to Praise Him
(2)  expected to Praise Him - Psm. 33:1

But also:  (3)  created to Praise Him - Isa. 43:21
and/or (4)  re-created to Praise Him   1 Pet. 2:9
One of the primary purposes in this life is to praise Him.

WHY???  obviously NOT to benefit Him!! - He is total and complete and perfect in Himself
Therefore:  obviously to benefit US!!  ie:  MANKIND GENERALLY (people)  and YOU (individually) SPECIFICALLY!!

I)  How Praise Benefits - People/ MANKIND GENERALLY

Jer. 13:11 -  "for my renown"!! - to make Him known to other people
with John 12:32 - when people are drawn to God, Christ - they benefit  (as individuals) and WE benefit (as a church, community, nation, etc.)
Matt. 5:16 - Point:  Your Praise may direct their gaze!! 
                              Your Praise points to /draws attention to GOD.

II.  How Praise Benefits - You Specifically!!  

Praise directs your gaze/focus - Onto God (who IS, / what does)
Praise recognizes and names His character, attributes, deeds, etc. - (omnipotent, sovereignty, Care, Concern, Mercy, Goodness, Justice

Which results in some very positive things:

(1)  Confidence - ie:  trust/certainty/ FAITH - Psm. 9:9-10
     (a)  this is not self confidence..... = GOD confidence  "faith"
    (b)  this is not confidence that He'll support all your plans!!  vs.  HIS!!

(2)  Peace - Isa. 26:3, Phil. 4:4-7, 13
Praise is not necessarily finding something new, rather = declaring that which you already know!!

(3)  Direction - ie:  puts you in a path with Him, not against Him.   "say same thing as"

(4)  Humility - seeing God AS He is   leads to better seeing self as are

(5)  Balance -- of head and heart/ fact and feeling - Psm. 42:1-6

(6)  Receptivity  (open-ness to God, Holy Spirit) - 1 Cor. 2:9-10

(7)   Optimism - which is not blind, foolish, denying situations, problems, evil, etc.  BUT recognizing WHO is with you!!!

Overall - Biblical Praise affects, improves Performance in Life - Eph. 2:10 - Praise helps you Become what you are-- (a) created to be  b  saved to be

Recognize  1)  the importance of praise
                 2)  the benefits of praise
                 3)  the decision, choice .... to praise!!

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