Sunday, May 27, 2018

Family Series - The Rock Beneath Our Foundation

last week = Eph. 5 - Basic Marital Instruction
(ie:  Love & Respect forming the BASE of marital relationship)

Point:  things important to a good marriage will crack/fail if not on Solid foundation.

BUT ... there is a problem here!!!  ie:  your foundation will be faulty
Because:  (1)  you're faulty - ("seriously flawed")  - Rom. 3:23
therefore, (2)  won't always express Love and Respect!
and, (3)  spouse is faulty
therefore, 4  won't always experience Love and Respect! 
As vital as this information is, there will be breaks in the foundation!!

ANSWER:  A foundation beneath the foundation. 

For the Christian - the Rock beneath the foundation = Christ.
1 Cor. 3:10-11

Point:  We often overlook the most basic Christian tenets when dealing with marriage and family
YET ... they underlie all other principles!!!

So ... to start at the beginning = to Build on Christ.  
To build on Christ is to:
#1.  Accept Him as Savior   Rom. 10;9-10
 ie:  gospel =  A dmit - are a sinner
                      B elieve - Christ is who He says He is
                      C onfess Him verbally
#2.  Embrace Him as Lord  (master/boss)
       #1 & 2 separated for illustration and clarity, but whether this is possible,  it is certainly not reasonable (not wise)
Which results in:
#3. Forgiveness and Restoration  - Now can have a Relationship with God, (creator, designer, "lover of your soul"!)
#4.  New Birth - John 3:3, John 1:10-13, 2 Cor. 5:17
Something happens which results in new heart (affections)
                                               + new mind - (thinking, reasoning)
                                         =     new lifestyle  (action)
 Which leads to:
#5.  Sanctification  (setting apart)
ie:  the process of personal development, personal betterment, becoming what created to be, saved to be.  Eph. 2:10     Can function better than before.

Do you want to be a better parent?  better partner?  Start here with being a better person!!!

The Focus  of Bulk of Scripture = (1)  develop your relationship with God
                                                    (2)  develop yourself according to His will, desire, design!!

Add 1 more:  ie:  with this beginning should come either:
#6.  A new set of rules or a new appreciation for those rules
(ie:  Scripture:  God's Revelation to us, for us.)

Loot at list:  ask if it could Make A Difference (M.A.D.) in your marriage, family??

(1)  Accept Jesus as Savior
(2)  Embrace Jesus as Lord
(3)  experience a new beginning  (change of heart, mind)
(4)  begin a process of betterment
(5)  learn and follow the rules of God
This is before the Love and Respect stuff!

On one hand, is no guarantee your family will respond.
Can't change them, but can influence!

Your Need?  Your Response?

1.  Accept

2.  Enthrone (re-enthrone)

3.  Commit  (re-commit)  to process of "betterment" at whatever stage you are at.

4.  learn, follow His rules

Result = Win/Win!! - for you, spouse, kids, community

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