Monday, May 14, 2018

Family Series - 7 Steps to Family Blessing

Been doing the "Family Series" since 1989.

Why??  Because it's IMPORTANT!   See Stats:

1)  Socially/nationally - (to society/nation)
Typical summaries from historians:
"stable families are essential to building a stable nation:
"no society has ever thrived without durable, cohesive, traditional families"
Note:  the US has the worst marital failure rate in the world!!!

2)  personally/individually  (people)
Example:  Gallup poll - "how important are the various aspects of your life?"
#1 answer Always is family - 47% "very important", 49% - "extremely important" = 96%

1990 Money Magazine commissioned Gallup to poll their subscribers on goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.
#1 = "having a happy home life" @97.8%

National Opinion Research Center polls ... "family is un-important to me" - 3%
""source of greatest SATISFACTION in my life = "family" - 87%..

3)  Solid family = God's will/desire/heart 
But that means more than "happy" = "Blessed!!-
                        more than "pleasing" = Beneficial
You can pursue happiness and miss the blessing
However, you can pursue blessing and gain happiness with it!!

So, again in 2018 - we go to Deuteronomy (2nd law)
Deut. 6
(1) the setting - at edge of Promised Land the 2nd. time - Moses repeats the Law given at Mt. Sinai
(2)  the opening Summary - Deut. 6:1-2

This is not "so you'll live to be 100 years old".
= "so generations will thrive, prosper, be blessed in the land"

SO - we look at the passage NOT as a way to experience national blessings, but as a way to experience family blessings (which lead to national blessings)

Deut. 6:1-25 literally to the nation of Israel - Vs. 12 - 'be careful not to forget'

Do you want to experience God's blessing?  in immediate family?  extended family?  in church?  in community?  in nation?

Basis, beginning of the blessing from Deut. 6 - condensed, shortened, re-ordered...
"7 Steps to Family Blessing" 

#1.  Hear God - Deut. 6:4 - "Shema"
(A)  He has revealed Himself
(B) (in the Hebrew) if don't respond ... you didn't HEAR!!!
Makes it an issue of choice (not ability)  Jer. 5:21, Matt. 13:9 (parable), Rev. 2:29 - (7 times to the 7 churches)

#2.  Love God - how important???? -->  Matt. 22:34-38
This alsochoice!!   "agape" (God love) - matter of head and heart.  Regardless of whether object is lovable or not.

#3.  Fear the Lord = stand in awe of, respect, give reverence to.
Example:  contrast love for your puppy does NOT mean you revere him!!  Prov. 1:7
"fear" includes manifestation  ie:  Evident .... HE occupies the throne in the home - NOT pleasure, business, sports, etc.

#4.  Be careful ... to obey,  to not forget - compare  Deut. 8:10-18 - distraction of comes with prosperity!!

#5.  Teach your kids - Deut. 6:6-7

#6.  Tell them "why" - Deut. 6:20-21
Which = personal testimony, family testimony
Saying, on one hand "I don't know where you'll go", but, on the other hand, "Let me tell you where you come from!!"

#7.  Do what's right ... IN HIS SIGHT!! - Deut. 6:18
Which is not what YOU deem right!!!
Is HARD!!!  Because we all think we know what's best for me!!

Therefore, the typical Christian - has Jesus in heart, but self on throne.

So, want a happy family?  or ... a Blessed family?

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