Monday, January 29, 2018

1st. Peter - "Therefore"

Peter:  (summary so far)

A.  - to God's elect (the new believers in Asia Minor)

B.  Praise God because He's given us - a new birth
                                                            a living hope
                                                            an eternal inheritance

C.  In this you Rejoice!!  Although ... 1 Pet. 1:6
(not necessarily called to suffer - life trials & faith trials)
(BUT when do suffer .... called to suffer well - 1 Thess. 4:13)  Suffering should be significantly different from non-believers

All of this is to a Purpose - 1 Pet. 1:9 - "salvation of your soul" - goal of your faith.  God will do something with your suffering.

Question:  Don't we already have salvation?
Answer: = you've been saved
                 you're being saved
                 you will be saved
On one hand, salvation is a done deal.  However it is also an ongoing process.

Example:  Compare a vehicle wreck:
paramedics ----  rescue you
Doctors ......       repair you
Phy. Therapists - restore you    

1 Pet. 1:13 - "Therefore" - because of all He's done for you.
Remember:  this therefore this

So:  1 Pet. 1:13-16

Some examples of specifics - (not a complete list)

#1.  Prepare your mind for action - 1 Pet. 1:13
(1)  the battle begins in the mind
(2)  changed mind leads to changed response - indicates choice and inclination
Compare:  Rom. 12:2

NOTE:  Prepare mind FOR ACTION!!!  Christian life is more than head and heart - it's handsAct Right!!

#2.  Be self-controlled - 1 Pet. 1:13
Originally word in common Greek meant controlling alcohol intake.  If not self-controlled, come to a point where you are NOT in control at all.

Idea = control your desires .... lest they control you!!!  - Don't follow desires, follow GOD!!!   Jews had 613 laws - #25 - Num. 15:39 - Their interpretation.
POINT = follow HIS laws, Not your HEART - Jer. 17:9 - So, you are in control, not your desires.

So:  #3.  Don't conform to the evil desires of your former life.  1 Pet. 1:14
then you were ignorant!  Now you are not!!! - Rom. 12:2

#4.  Set your hope (expectation, confidence, trust) FULLY on Christ and His grace.  1 Pet. 1:13
Make an intentional, decisive move to put your trust and confidence in Him.
Which = (1)   act of the will - we decide
             (2)  that must be repeated - must decide over and over again.

#5.  Be holy - original = "set apart" = ie:  Positional Holiness
                    But here = actions (life style) - ie:  Practical Holiness

ie:  the deliberate, self-imposed PRACTICE of a Set Apart Person!!
Looking ahead:  What should I do?  - 2 Pet. 1:5 - make every effort
                         Why should I do that?  - 1 Pet. 18-19, 1 Pet. 1:23, 1 Cor. 6:11 - that's what you were but that's not who you are!

We know we will never get it all together, but should try.  Act like who you are!  Aren't ignorant!  Are bought with the blood of Christ.

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