Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1st. Peter - Foundation

Intro:  1 Pet. 1:1-2 - to God's elect (strangers, scattered)

Question:  Is this for me?  Is it relevant? Applicable?

IF you believe (at whatever place you are) it's because Gd reached down;  touched, drew, persuaded you through the Holy Spirit.   And, you accepted because God chose you.

IF you believe - you are therefore:
1)  chosen = selected (elected) - the relevance of the rest of 1st. Peter begins here.
2)  set apart = holy   Does NOT mean removed from the world, means separated, distinguished within the world.
Therefore you will (to some degree) be...
3)  a stranger in the world  - because you view life differently, and should live life differently.  (less so if are in a Christian family, community, nation)
Matt. 10:35-36 - Jesus didn't come to cause dissension, disharmony.

So... your spiritual condition, situation:
(1)  you have been drawn and have decided
(2)  you have been drawn but not yet decided
(3)  maybe you have not (yet) been drawn

Needs to be a reason for our actions, why we do what we do.  ie:  go to church, read the Bible, etc.

Either way, we continue with 1 Pet. 1:3-5.

Praise (blessed be) God because He has given us:

#1.  New Birth = new beginning, new start ... a Major/Fundamental Change in your being!!
John 3:1-7, 1 Pet. 1:23, 2 Cor. 5:17 - must be born again

#2.  Living Hope
A)  Hope - (definition) - expectation, confidence
B)  Living - (as contrasted with dead) - living = contains something that makes it capable of producing!
Example:  living horse and dead horse.  (both = horse)  However, if need to go someplace, do something, which one do you choose.
Don't put confidence in empty, dead, purposeless hope.

#3.  Eternal Inheritance
Definition = property, possessions passed on to another.
Rom. 8:17  ".....& co-heirs with Christ."
Which Can NEVER perish, spoil, fade.  You have something you can bank on. Unlike stuff here on earth. 
Matt.  6:19-20

and which is  kept in heaven for you.  God is the only one who can guard and keep your eternal possessions.
2 Tim. 1:12

This inheritance is for "you" (plural) who are:
A)  shielded by God's Power - John 10:28-29, Jude 24 & 25  (not promised protection from all physical ills)
B)  until the consummation of your salvation - then you get it all.
On one hand, we have salvation.  On the other hand, we don't have all the benefits......yet!!!  Rev. 21:3-4

Back to 1 Pet. 1:3 - "has given us" - in mercy by grace - we couldn't earn it!!!

THIS is the solid foundation that we build on!!!

These verses = foundation (setup for where Peter is going!!!

1 Pet. 1:6

In this you rejoice, though now you may have to suffer (all kinds of trials)
1 Pet. 1:7 - but, so your faith can be proven genuine.

Next week - why must trials come?  What do they achieve?   

Closing:  1 Pet. 1:9

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