Monday, August 7, 2017

Some Lessons and Insights from the Life of Solomon

Prov. 1:1-7
Wisdom has a very prominent place in Scripture!  Is highly extolled.   Could reasonably say "if any one thing we should seek/pursue in life ... that one thing would be wisdom!!"

Questions:  What about God?  Salvation?  Holiness?  etc.
Answer:   true wisdom will take you there!  to all of these!!

Last time, looked at three definitions of Wisdom:

#1.  Common definition - knowledge, insight, discernment, good sense, good judgment

#2.  Eastern Tradition (where the Bible was written) - ADDS - one who applies these things to practical affairs, everyday living.
Wisdom is more than head knowledge = right thinking AND right Actions  (acting)
So ---- one who is skilled at gleaning the most and best from life has this kind of wisdom.

#3.  Biblical view - goes 1 step further.  Includes knowledge of God, Fear of God, Trust in God, and, therefore, living according to God's will, design, intent.
Because:  Wisdom originates with God - Who is the beginning of everything.
                Wisdom emanates from God.

Therefore:  we won't have true wisdom (full wisdom) apart from
   A.  the Recognition of Him
   B.  a Relationship with Him

Hence:  Prov. 9:10 - reverential fear of the Lord

Having said that, we find ourselves in a quandary concerning King Solomon!!
1 Kings 3:4-15 - followed by stories of his wisdom --> wealth --> fame

BUT  1 Kings 10:23-24, 1 Kings 11:1-11 - end of his reign

Question:  How Could he?  Why would he?

So - today - Some Lessons and Insights from the Life of Solomon

#1.  God is pleased with a heart that seeks wisdom. - example:  Solomon in many scriptures,  but many scriptures use "heart of wisdom"
Psm. 37:30-31, 51:6, 90:12
Point = it's more than seeking.  It = attitude, motivation behind seeking!!  Must check out the motive for seeking wisdom.

#2.  God grants wisdom to the true seeker (personally) - James 1:5.  This may not be equal wisdom, but will be sufficient wisdom, ie.  sufficient to the task, calling, day - 2 Cor. 12:9

#3.  Wisdom must also be chosen (selected, accepted, received, embraced)
Illustration:  ask God for Wisdom in a matter, He answers, grants insight,  BUT = opposite of what you wanted to hear, do!!!
Solomon had free will just like we do.
Options:  1)  act according to the wisdom received
               2)  refuse to see it, accept it, admit it - Rom. 1:21-22
               3)  see, admit, and still not respond to it.  example:  Solomon.  Solomon was NOT a fool, but he
acted foolishly.  Are not necessarily a fool because act foolishly.  We all have these options before us.


Wisdom is not always the easiest road (or the preferred road, the most comfortable road, most convenient road.  May be a difficult road.

Wisdom is not always the most immediately satisfying road.  Where does it say if we follow God's wisdom, will be happy, satisfied, content immediately.

BUT, Wisdom is always the best road, the most beneficial road. 

Having said that, note:
The practice of Biblical wisdom necessitates FAITH!!  Heb. 11:1  believing what we can't see and don't feel!!

For the Christian, wisdom includes  1)  Faith in God  AND   2)  Faith in Christ  - 1 Cor. 1:30  The ladder, staircase to God = Christ.

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